Seul le marché est-il important? Le banquier-candidat avec des amis socialistes

The socialist banker candidate: revolution or collusion?

"l’immigration se révèle une chance d’un point économique, culturel, social!"

Comme Marine Le Pen seront victorieux.

NEW radical Islamist terror attack in Russia, reveals clues about West's future

Breaking: rules for naming religious or migrant backgrounds in crime reports changed hours after London attacks

BREAKING: terrorist attack at British parliament!!

"We can't throw all the migrants under the bus because of a few bad apples"

MSNBC host, 2008: "my job is to make this presidency work"

Estrogen-mimicking agents, such as those in glyphosate, and their effect on the body

Swedish company "Telia": cucks, it's normal for woman to leave family to fuck black migrants

Germany: migrants throw 40 year-old into path of oncoming train and block his escape, state prosecutors let assailants walk free

BREAKING: gunfight breaks out with terrorist migrant at Paris airport