The socialist banker candidate: revolution or collusion?

As the French election nears, the Macron campaign is portraying itself as a "revolution"...

The system media is doing little to interfere with this image and has been promoting Macron non-stop:

But how anti-system is Macron if he is a former Rothschild banker?

And how anti-system is Macron if ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls of the Socialist Party supports Macron and Macron's entire political career involved either Socialist Party membership or service?

Why would the two opposing poles within the system hoist up the same candidate that the press is declaring to be "anti-system"? Why is Macron, really?

Perhaps the system's thesis (socialism) and anti-thesis (conservatism) have failed so many times and had so many scandals that the system needs to capture the resistence to itself and develop a new anti-thesis for the people to fall into, formed from the same system.

Of course, nobody is looking to give up their cushy salary if they do not have to. That is why the increasingly unpopular representative of the current anti-thesis (conservatism) attacked Macron's ties to the current failing thesis (socialism). The caricature showed big-nosed Macron in business attire, surrounded by communist symbology and a list of connections to socialists. The Macron camp's response was to shout "anti-Semitism!"


But nobody in the Macron camp had a problem with this other caricature of big-nosed Macron in business attire:

And nobody in the Macron camp had a problem with this other caricature of big-nosed Macron in business attire and communist symbology (the hat):

So where was the problem?

Could it be that the caricature in question did more than caricature Macron, but instead blew the cover that Macron is directly linked to the controlling parties and therefore a phony opposition?

And it is a phony opposition. The aforementioned parties  - and Macron - seek to push the interests of global conglomerates in the decisions of the European Parliament, European Council and especially the Commision. Above all, the aforementioned parties - and Macron  – seek to import low-wage workers to maximize global corporation profit, at whatever cost, just to continue the "Marche" of global corporation power.


Yes, immigration could create a larger class of labourers in the EU...

And yes, integration could create one culture of people who buy the same things, which again helps the market...

But at what cost? The world is more than a market.