Estrogen-mimicking agents, such as those in glyphosate, and their effect on the body

This will eventually be an elaborate post, so you may wish to check back for updates.

For now, here is a warning to avoid the following if made in the United States: cheap bread, dipping sauces, salad dressings, "junk food" cereals and U.S.-made beers. The reason to exercise caution is that soy/corn products from the United States typically contain glyphosate, a key ingredient in a widely-used pesticide called Round-Up.

Glyphosate has been assessed as "probably cancerous" by the World Health Organization (WHO) and contains a xenoestrogen that mimicks the effect of estrogen on the body. There is some debate over whether an increase in estrogen can benefit women (pro and contra), but for men the news is generally bad:

Morever, because soy/corn grow resistant to glyphosate, soy/corn have been genetically modified to withstand increasingly larger doses. The problems are articulated in the following video: