Germany: migrants throw 40 year-old into path of oncoming train and block his escape, state prosecutors let assailants walk free

Anglo-Saxons and Nordics are so criminal.
It is best to avoid them.
Shortly before five o'clock Friday morning, a 40 year-old man was assaulted by two migrants from North Africa after they had pestered him for a lighter.  The older man said he had to go to work but, as he tried to leave on his bicycle, the migrants threw him more than three feet onto the train tracks. They blocked the old man's path and injured his hand as he tried to climb up. An oncoming train was only able to avoid the man by slamming on its emergency brakes.

Police say that the suspects are a 23 year-old man from Moracco and a 27 year-old man from Libya, who were both known to police.

If you were merely browsing one of the city's leading newspapers, Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten (DNN), however, you might have come to a different conclusion about the attack. The DNN report used a stock photo of a man in handcuffs who is everyone's favorite target, the angry, fist-clenched white male. The report stated that "witnesses were being searched for." But how can somebody who saw the incident be able to help if their first impression from DNN is that the assailant was an angry, fist-clenched white male?

It gets worse.

Although the suspects were seized by police, state prosecutors have determined not to press charges.

If, after starting an altercation, you throw a person onto train tracks and then try to stop that person from climbing up as a train approaches, that is attempted murder.  For permitting such behavior, for creating this migration crisis, for failing to discourage aggressive criminal acts and for trying to cover up the nature of the criminal acts, this regime and its cheerleaders are criminal and should all be replaced. Anyone who votes for the current regime does not value their life and probably deserves whatever comes to them.