In touch with the people? Trump responds to 12 year-old's tweet asking for photo

How quickly would the media have jumped over this story had the actor been President Obama? Instead: Shh, hear that? That is the sound of crickets chirping...

from "Luckiest Kid on Earth Visits DC for First Time, Tweets at Trump for Selfie, Gets Selfie with Trump," Benny Johnson, Independent Journal Review

Not many political stories have happy endings these days. However, Hunter Phay of New York just had his young political dreams come true. Phay and his mother Kerry were visiting Washington, D.C., on an educational trip the weekend of February 24.

Hunter, a 12-year-old middle school student from New York, is a big fan of Donald Trump.

“He just loves America,” Hunter told Independent Journal Review, “he makes me excited to be an American.”

Hunter begged his mother to book a room in the Trump Hotel in D.C., down the street from the White House, during their stay.

Kerry Phay did and told IJR, “[Hunter] immediately walked from the hotel to the White House, looking through the fence around the president's house for a glimpse of Trump.” He saw nothing.

Hunter, desperate for a chance to meet Trump, decided to reach out to the president on the one social platform he pays attention to. “I started a Twitter just so I could get ahold of Trump,” Phay says.

The tweet was sent on Thursday.

As Saturday night rolled around, the Phays were posted up in the BLT Steakhouse inside the Trump Hotel, having a final dinner before returning to New York.

Out of nowhere, the restaurant was swarmed by security. People started screaming in the lobby. Trump walked into the hotel to have an off-the-books dinner, strolled across the lobby, and climbed up the stairs of the restaurant. Who was waiting for the president? Little Hunter Phay (source).