Germany's latest migrant attacks: the axe-man from "former Yugoslavia" and the mysterious, unnamed suspect who remains at large

Fatmir H. came to Germany as an asylum seeker. In March 2017, he exited a Düsseldorf train in Germany and, brandishing an axe, attacked nine people, including the man pictured below right.

Police have described Fatmir as "mentally ill", so the conversation has not moved to immigration and remains in the murky area of mental health awareness.

But the conversation should move to immigration. And why?

One of the victims, Ms. Letizia's son, was axed in the back of the head.
 The media has been avoiding the victims and their families.
Ms. Letizia wants this photo shared.
As usual, the first fact to consider is what the press is not telling us. Most media sources say that Fatmir is "from Wuppertal", a city in Germany.

Other sources mention that Fatmir is originally from the "former Yugoslavia", which is more accurate. 

In actuality, Fatmir is originally from Kosovo.While indeed a tiny part of "former Yugoslavia", Kosovo was established in 2008 and this man came to Germany in 2009.  Thus, it is highly likely that Fatmir is in the system as hailing from "Kosovo". Assuming that to be the case, the press might want to suppress the fact. Why? Because Kosovo is overwhelmingly Muslim and the press might want to freeze the public's political reaction.

Looking past the "hidden Muslim" issue, the other point to consider is the date of Fatmir's arrival in Germany. The year 2009 was well before Chancellor Merkel began issuing migrants free travel and housing accomodation, with or without naturalization. Of course, we are not told this because it would shift the conversation to immigration and speculation that Fatmir may have had a tantrum because he missed the boat, so to speak.

And what about the second attacker who, hours later, attacked an 80 year-old man? Nothing is known about him. The press is silent, giving weight to the likelihood that the man a) probably came from the wave of migrants that did receive free stay or b) shouted something "Islamic". Either possibility would be particularly damning to the establishment, particularly in an election year.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the public has no protection from asylum-seeking attackers, or a state which turns against the public to further appease those very asylum-seekers. Apparently, the German state belongs to axe-men.

'The Axe-Man' by Jihad Hajjison (sung to "Taxman", by the Beatles)

"Let me tell you how it will be
Your fatherland belongs to me
Cause I'm the axeman, yeah, I'm the axeman"

"Free prescription's filled too slow
It’s my country now away you go
'Cause I'm the axeman, yeah I'm the axeman"

"Go work for it, I'll take my share,
Don’t touch state gifts, cuz that's unfair.
If you start to squawk, I’ll scream Nazi
You have the wrong ethnicity."

"Don't ask me what you’re paying for
It's still that dumb for-saken war.
'Cause I'm the axeman, yeah, I'm the axeman"

"So sorry if it hurts inside
Too late now to turn the tide.
'Cause I'm the axeman, yeah, I'm the axeman
And you're building a future for me."