The most important question of our time?

The rulers of the European-settled world are interested in chasing after the post-1968 multicultural dream, not safeguarding the well-being, culture and community of the European peoples. What direction should we take?

the West is threatened by demographic, social and political Islamization. Mosques, Minarets, Sharia Law, interruptions for prayer hour and reduced freedom of speech in Allah's name - this is Europe's future unless we act. Islamization is even a peril to those who support "one-world-in-your-backyard", multiculturalist globalism because political Islam is not tolerant, multicultural or secular. Thus, we must work together with the multicultural globalists to save the West. If our governments continue to appease the radical Islamists and ignore public concern about Islamification, the public will slowly come to understand the value of pro-national community politics and organizations like: Geert Wilders' PVV or Bürgerbewegung Pro-NRW.

Islamification only comes from "one-world-in-your-backyard" multiculturalist globalism, so why help the Neo-Cons and Obama globalists tame Islam so it conforms to their global web? The Neo-Cons and Obama globalists want to destroy the ethno-religious cultural identity of our nations, so we should strive towards self-preservation and realize that we can coexist with the Islamists in seperate societies because we understand each other; the Fed, globalization wars, social Marxism, anti-social anti-culture, Volksverdummung, hyper-materialism, agitation against our people...these are things we both can do without. If Islamists want to live in ethno-religious identity-states in the Middle East, let them!

One analysis:

The direct rebellion against the anti-traditional, nation-pilfering internationalists already took place - and failed. It led to a one-party state that the public associates with Adolf Hitler, land grabs for "the volk", war and gas chambers. To try to fight this correlation means working against the message that has been drilled into our brains every day since birth, with the Holocaust industry playing an important role. Although the anti-Volkish leadership in the West is the biggest enemy, going up against these Neo-Cons and Obama globalists would be like Siegfried trying to slay a dragon with a Bratwurst; likewise, allying with a bunch of ornery camel-jockey jihadists and rogue-state loose cannons against the Neo-Cons and Obama globalists will bring no result. On a positive note, at least the emerging Islamification of Europe in the midst of multiculturalism and the like awakens people to the dangers of foreignization. Unfortunately, the war the globalists are waging, to break the spirit, identity and community of our people, cannot be stopped as easily.

Unlike the problem of globalism (and the rise of a powerful oligarchy that cares about its interests and global business lobby interests), Islamization is a relatively new problem. The Neo-Cons and Obama globalists have yet to find a way to stop it without coming into contradiction with their one-world, open-borders dogma (because according to their dogma, the ultra-liberal, multicultural, international, money-first philosophy should be more desirable to Muslims than an Islamic state). Another point is that, for the most part, Westerners continue to see Islam and its practices as something completely out of place in the West, even if it is politically incorrect to think this. In addition, whereas history is a burden if our message focuses directly on stopping the anti-traditional, nation-pilfering internationalists, there is no history to shame us into believing that the problem of Islamization should not be confronted. In fact, if anything, what people remember about Islam is that, over 300 years ago, we STOPPED Islam's militaristic work in Spain and advance into present-day Austria; this allowed for Christian-styled societies to flourish. Furthermore, to a traditional Christian, political and social Islamification is abhorrent; this means there is a substantial amount of support to prevent an Islamic takeover - and even Jewish support, considering the fact that the Islamic jihadist crusade has been identified as "anti-Semitic". Another point to ponder: the Islamists have no control over our society and wield very little power to shape public opinion, contrary to the globalists.


  1. I like what you are trying to do in this post.

    Like you, I disagree with both the poll's options. If forced to vote, I would vote for #1.

    One should always be skeptical, to say the least, of proposed Deus-Ex-Machina solutions. (In the Greek plays of old, oftentimes the characters would get in 'sticky' situations which were clearly unresolvable, often involving certain characters' certain doom, but the play would be interrupted by an announced who would declare that the gods had swooped down and set everything right. It is called the 'deus ex machina' plot device)

    There are many demoralized European-racialists who believe, to one extent or another, that somehow Islam could "save" Europe. How, exactly, is never stated, or is too vague or buffoonish to be credible.

  2. Something else: Isn't "siding" with Muslims the other side of the same coin as when certain Western-gentiles who side with Isntreal? Here's the key: Throw the coin away. We don't need it; we don't need either side of it.

  3. Good points, Hail. I hope they are read by all in addition to the questionnaire.


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