For folks to poop on: Western Europe (part I)

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What is the best indicator of a civilization's health? Some might say current account figures, GDP or the trade deficit; others might seek out travel advisories or National Security color charts for insight; still others might take a clue from pollution levels or quality-of-life ratings. But what about poop?

Poop delivers little information about exports vs. imports. It cannot give you a stock report. Moreover, poop does not indicate whether a jihadist migrant is likely to blow you up on any given day. But poop - especially the human kind - is a health hazard, and a lot can be determined based on whether a society is covered in it or not. Take, for example, the situation "on the ground" in Western Europe, which is examined below in part one of our three-part investigation.

Part I. Western Europe

In the last decade, it has been observed that a growing number of people in Western Europe could not be bothered to pick up after their dogs and, thanks to drugs and other factors, themselves (1,2,3). It is not clear if this behavior will continue, or is indicative of all Western European civilization. Nevertheless, the observations that have been made provide a portal into the current mindset of at least a number of people and, as we will see, reflects on the health of the civilization that likely molded them. Even more than that, these observations deserve attention because Western Europe was once a place of communities and cultures that took pride in order, structure and cleanliness. I have seen the resonance of those times:

And now?

Memorial from First World War scrawled with - lol -
"Nazi-Shit", "Shit", "Germany you victim", "perpetrator"

Translation: "[children's] playground closed
because of prostitution, drugs and garbage"

Translation of caption below pic:
"On the wall there is excrement"

Translation of graffiti, presumably written with fecal matter:
"shit Germans" ("Germans" is misspelled)

Have a look at this video about the transformation of Frankfurt, Germany:

Note the poo on the sidewalk at 0:13.

Perhaps it was all foretold by the prophets Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra over half a century ago, in their 1966 hit song "These streets are made for pooping":

"These streets
are made for pooping
To use just like a loo..."

Are migrants to blame for the current state of affairs?

Notice distributed by the German Red Cross
to discourage migrants from pooping in the shower

"Slovenia: 100 tons of garbage from flood of asylum-seekers"

Or is it all just part of the same new civilizational imperative?

Translated: "Friedrichshein (Germany) remains dirty!"

Bottom sticker translated: "Frankfurt (Germany) must remain dirty"

German flags stolen and then Germans.

In what I theorize goes back to the guilt culture and broken spirituality of post-1945, Germany is raised especially to tolerate nearly anything - at least, almost anything up to people throwing their waste around, writing with shit on the wall and pooping on the ground.

Hand-in-hand with the same post-1945 spirit, Germany also has this thing for dark, masochistic depravity and self-mutilation, so that should also be taken into consideration. Perhaps that energy even explains Germany's (along with Japan's) quirky reputation for coprophilia-fetishism:

80 years of degeneration: from Hitler Youth (BDM, left),
to a look-alike playing erotically with shit (BDSM, right)

You can find out more if you dare to read about the Kit Kat Klub and other locales.

What it all suggests is that Germany crossed out the revolutionary/reactionary spirit of 1933; motivated by non-stop indoctrination about what a revolutionary/reactionary spirit has led to and leads to, Germany has reverted to living in the Weimar era all over again, as its "art" on display suggests (1,2).

The sculpture above ties into our examination more directly than you might think; although little is known about the man, woman or gender-neutral whatever responsible for the art piece, I am certain that I know what the viewer is supposed to take away from the work, because it is the same thing and only thing that every sculptor is contracted with in Western Europe to build: monuments to collective shame, dogmatic imperfection, cynicism, grotesqueness and every other post-1945 and Weimar-era concept I have not listed that you can think of.

Nobody speaks up to question any of it, and whether it is healthy for the society.

The choice of metal material for the sculpture is just as predictable, giving the sculpture a cold, bland, drab and dreary effect. But ask yourself: would any part of the presumed message change if the statue had instead been made out of excrement? Anything? This is important to think about. Because interchangeability tells you that the statue has the inherent qualities of excrement, and therefore might as well have been excrement. In any case, the interest in having not one sculpture like this, but thousands, speaks volumes and contributes to the growing psychological profile of the society under examination.

It is true that this analysis has focused in large part on Germany. But that society, Germany, remains the primary motor of Western Europe, and has, by far, the largest population dispersed throughout and bearing influence on Western Europe. What is more, the other powerhouses in Western Europe, like the United Kingdom, the Benelux and France, have been doused with much of the same culture and cult of tolerance, decadence and self-antipathy that Germany has, with the key difference being that colonial heritage is the primary tool being weaponized to influence opinions and, where applicable, the legacy of Hitler-led Europe is only secondary.

Next up: East Asia, India and Africa (Part II)