Plotting Europe's pre-global era gene frequencies

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  1. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    How come there is SK in southern Italy?

    Is that a mistake from the computer?

  2. It could be.

    But the graph merely groups together the peoples of Europe according to their PC1 and PC2 does not HAVE to reflect the geographic reality.

    Thus, the fact that the people of Slovakia fell so far "south" on the chart could be due to the influence of the Ottoman Turks and/or Crimean Tatars, and the unique, early influence of the Avans. Alternatively, one could take into consideration of the effects of early Neolithic settlement, or even early Celtic or Roman influence - the latter which inevitably would bring the population "closer" to the characteristics of Italy's population.

    What is actually so interesting about this genetic analysis is the fact that it DOES pertain to the geographic (and to some degree) ethno-linguistic reality of Europe.

    Here is a more global perspective regarding genome research:


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