Rapper detained during shooting: 1990's 'hood meets 2017's jihad

from "Gun-toting rapper causes major police op in Dortmund day after bus attack," The Local

Tupac-lite thought he was real hard
'till dem jihadists showed up
A local rapper spread alarm through the Dortmund public on Wednesday by using a fake gun while shooting a music video on the city streets - a day after a terror attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus.

Special forces officers rushed to the scene on Wednesday, after several members of the public called the police to warn them that a man was driving around town toting a gun. The rapper was using two cars and several imitation guns to shoot clips for a music video.

A video posted online by a member of the public showed heavily armoured special forces officers turn up at a scene where a sports car had been stopped. Two men were told to lie flat on the ground as police searched them (more).