REVEALED: Ex-Rothschild banker campaigning to lead France, where Rothschild bankers have pending lawsuit

And along came a fresh young face named Emmanuel Macron, posing as an anti-establishment candidate.

A closer look at Macron's endorsements, however, reveals that, in Macron, the establishment is simply offering a new, shiny version of itself.

But it gets worse.

This man's key supporter, Rothschild bank, is facing a massive lawsuit for monetary fraud. Thus, Macron's financing might be attributed to illegal financial practices.  Furthermore, as of September 2016, the Rothschild bank's legal woes span three countries - Spain, Switzerland and, you guessed it, France. What sort of influence could a Macron presidency have over the settlement?

from "Rothschild facing massive lawsuit for historic financial abuse," Jack Murphy, Neonnettle

The Rothschild bank is facing a massive lawsuit for claims of mistreatment of the elderly's mortgages. The investment house had lent money to pensioners which were up to 75% of the value of the pensioner's Spanish homes, it has been alleged. The proceeds were then invested in an insurance company. The Rothschild bank promised to provide them with an income, which had failed to materialize, leaving them in huge debt. The pensioners claim Rothschild abused the position of a highly respected bank. The Bank then responded by claiming they acted as a lender and not an adviser.

A lawsuit has been launched because of the huge loss of money as a result of abuse of trust. Financial adviser, Henry Woods, invited Michael and Roberta Carney, both aged 72 and 71, to take out a loan of £247,500 in 2006 on their Spanish home in Malaga. They then invested most of the fund run by Aspecta Assurance. The couple claims to have lost £105,500.

It's not the first time the Rothschild bank has had trouble on their hands. In 2013 Hungary kicked out kicked out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from its country. The country also paid off their loan to the Rothschild early to escape the Grips of the banking density. Iceland then joined Hungary in 2014 when it paid its $400 million Rothschild loan back early. Russia also freed itself in 2005.

The Rothschild's own most banks around the world. A few weeks ago Neon Nettle compiled a complete list of Rothschild-owned banks. The Rothschild print money for the US government, which in turn pay interest for the favor. This has increased debt to the FED for every dollar that has been loaned.(more)
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