HA! 'Ok Boomer' girl deleted from Twitter - for ageism?

In 2008, "Obama girl" and her butt became an internet sensation. "Neeko" was enjoying a similar trajectory towards e-stardom, having tantalized Twitter with her quirky expressions, dimples and Bernie Sanders crop-top. But that was not the way things were meant to be.

Around 5:04 EST, "Neeko" was handcuffed by the internet police; quite possibly, she was guilty of political incorrectness amidst growing concern that the tune she was dancing to, "OK Boomer", was not ok.

To those who do not know, "boomer" has become internet slang for anyone born between the late 1940s and 1960s. Much like the words "nigger" or "negro", "boomer" once had a logical meaning but is now mainly used derogatorily. It typifies individuals based on the class they belong to because of their age, and is used to suggest that all people in that class fit a stereotype towards that class: i.e. out-of-touch and privileged, although responsible for the complete collapse of Western civilization. In any case, age-hate is an explicit violation of Twitter's rules:

So, Twitter is going to purge boomer hate. Ultimately, Twitter has decided that no individual can be typified based on the class they belong to, and the only thing you dare criticize is another person's argument (unless the argument is also banned, in which case, as we already know, you won't even see it).

I agree with Twitter's mission; everyone should know that, if they use the b-word, "boomer", they are discriminating and no better than all the others who have been banned. So let us make the world safe for Twitter democracy and send the violators to internet purgatory. We are depending on you, dear reader, to heed the call and cleanse Twitter of age-hate. Begin reporting today. The offenders may get angry, they may blame the system, they may blame Biden-loving Democrats and Democrats in general, and they may become infuriated by big tech's censorship and have no choice but to use Gab. But that is just too bad. Help clean up the world today! Get active and get banning!

Get started by clicking here. Ban. it. all!!!!!