From Britannia to Barack: between the promise and reality of globalism

"Yes We Can!"

It's the slogan of the Obama movement, believed by many to represent new, groundbreaking ideas regarding post-raciality and togetherness. In reality, it is just a new spin on the same global-capitalist, multiethnic-nationalist fantasy that surfaced in the United Kingdom nearly a century ago:

So what is different this time around? Well, let's look at what the above poster got wrong.

First, it was absurd to suggest that the non-white "other", 90% of the world population, would have forever followed behind 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton', ready to fight battles in his name. Much more in tune with the global reality is the imagery from the Obama movement, which includes a non-white leader named Obama, an overly non-white audience and an overly-optimistic white person lost in a sea of globalism, back at least a few rows:

Second, ignoring the reality of the modern globalist-capitalist multinational state, 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton' is not doing anything in the recruitment poster to convince his superiors that he is not a racist. Today, it is absolutely essential that 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon' take such a role, or he is a racist.

The modern globalist-capitalist multinational 'togetherness' poster below demonstrates what Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton could do to fix the problem: move himself to the back - or simply disappear from the poster altogether.


Unfortunately, there is another problem: the word "together" is too ethno-centric. Due to its strictly Northern European and Germanic etymology, the word "together" does not reflect the ancient heritages of all the people who the poster is supposed represent as Britain.

To promote equality and to not offend anyone, several versions of the poster should have been printed, each substituting the word "together" with the equivalent word - יַחַד, مَعًا, saam, ndawonye, साथ में and so on - for each of the languages of the people targeted.

Once again, the Obama globalists have it right. "Yes we can" - si se puede!

Si Se Puede!

Fourth, the recruitment poster fails to show what should happen if and when 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton' returns from the war. This is important, because he should know that, under the proper globalist-capitalist multinational state he is fighting for, he will no longer choose his 'Ms. Anglo-Saxon'. 'Ms. Anglo-Saxon' will choose who she wants, and the culture of the globalist-capitalist multinational state will encourage 'Mrs. Anglo-Saxon' to choose the "other" who 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton' thought would be marching behind him in his interests. All the while, 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton' will be under pressure to show that he is not a racist in civilian life:

The recruitment poster should have shown a homefront that is overcrowded...

And the 'right' mix of children, just to make it clear that the long-term plan is to expunge 'Mr. Anglo-Saxon Briton', and fair-haired Anglo-Saxons like him, from the global-capitalist, multiethnic-nationalist dream. Yes we can!



  1. Not sure I get the point. Worked out well enough to win two world wars, especially the last when it was crucial. During the first there were more colonial soldiers for the entente powers from the Empire than Yanks. If anyone is to blame for the disintegration of the Empire it is Britain; there's no reason why the white Dominions had to go their own way. As a British-Canadian, Britain never very proactive in maintaining ties with its kith and kin. We lost India, but imagine a federation of UK, Canada, Oz and NZ as opposed to being tied to the EU...

  2. I see your comment appeared just a few days before the UK went up in flames due to the riots..

    Well, let's examine the facts: in the UK, the Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture has been replaced with liberal, anything-goes multi-national multi-cultural pluralism, the new "British" identity, and these changes have broken apart the community and have created a nation of individuals who think like individuals. This has exacerbated class differences and given birth to a mentality where mass looting and robbery between ordinary citizens can be expected to occur.

    This new "British nation" is not culturally or ethnically British, nor does it have the traits of a nation; "nation" implies commonality, unity and community, and none of this is to be found! So where did it all begin?

    The poster, dating back to World War I, is an arrogant display of the same multi-national multi-cultural pluralist spirit, wrapped up as an image of "Britishness" (a pseudo-nationalist anti-national nationalism, if you will). The poster reflects the naive belief that people could just "become" British, would automatically identify with Britain and want to fight for Mr. Anglo Saxon's interests. Note that, in predictable fashion, the poster even has Mr. Anglo-Saxon directly in front, leading his "British brothers" on under the flag (as if such a reality awaits a host population that is forced to become international and adapt anti-national multiculturalism).

    Clearly, the movement towards the current system began in ernst during WWI; during that time, even more than the British, the French rounded up the world to fight IN Europe for French interests. The French had run out of men, and their solution was to find more soldiers, not to end the destruction which was destroying Europe and sue for peace. And how well did that end, you ask? Well, let's look at the state of Europe today...

    When we look at the riots and controversies, or even the racial tensions that ruined the multicultural British and the French 2010 World Cup teams, it is clear just how "together" the multicultural environment brings us. Yet we continue to fall victim to the "yes we can" and "together we can" propaganda of the multiculturalists, who still insist that multiculturalism is good and the only way the peoples of earth will get along. I call bullshit. Multiculturalism tears us apart and is tearing our nations apart.


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