White women riding the victim card and the purpose it serves

I recently came upon an article entitled “A Woman’s Place is in the House”. It celebrated that a record number of women had won seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in 2018. Here is the author, Jill Filopovic:

Jill Filopovic

Digging around for the public's reaction to the article, I instead found a host of mainstream journalists - Danielle Kurtzleben, Jane C. Timm, Samantha Cooney, Brianna Gurciullo and Sarah Ferris, to name a few - who had used the same "woman's place in the House" theme to reflect on the election victories. The journalists are pictured below:

Danielle Kurtzleben

Jane C. Timm

Samantha Cooney

Brianna Gurciullo

Sarah Ferris

It did not take much to find other posts by this same cast of characters. Most are highly active on Twitter, "tweeting" night and day on topics that tend to speak to the same, social justice and diversity themes. One of their most recent post stuck out:

The post reminded me of the controversy, created entirely by the media, over a mainly-white Trump Administration group intern photo - or, more importantly this snapshot of Republican lawmakers that was trending and mocked on Twitter as the "whitest selfie ever", only to later itself be mocked:

As you can see, somebody lifted the curtain to expose who had been behind the agitation but, amidst their crusade, was sitting very comfortably in their own, nearly all-white environment. In our present case, we are dealing with the same sort of scenario, where sombody is advocating for fewer whites "at the top" while enjoying the view atop their perch of white privilege.

I soon found yet another article that spoke of the election victories and used the title "A Woman's Place is in the House". Written by Laura Olson, it included pictures of the women who had just won political seats specifically in Olson's home state of Ohio. Because of the framing and expressions, the reality of what I was looking at practically jumped off the page to me:

It was enough to tune me in to a remarkable truth about most of the female winners of 2018:

Do you see what the women above all have in common?

For another clue, add in the faces from the Huffington Post editorial board, as well as the faces of journos Filopovic, Kurtzleben, Timm, Cooney, Gurciullo, Ferris and Olson...

...and you are looking at a block party of powerful and presumably well-paid women that is whiter than photo day at Aryan Nations. Why is nobody up in arms over this like the demographics of the Republican Party and Trump's intern team?

My guess is these women float under the radar. Part of that is that they are just journalists. But note how they also virtue signal that they want non-white people better-represented everywhere in society. How convenient, of course, that "everywhere" is apparently everywhere but where white women like them can remain in powerful, influential and well-paid stations of life.

Come to think of it, perhaps this is the real reason why these recently-elected women, and their white female supporters, see no problem with mass non-white immigration in the first place:

Say all you want about female mother instinct "empathy" or "compassion" for refugees, but as long as non-white immigrants continue to let white women have their perch, nothing is in jeopardy for white women and nothing is being taken away. Likewise, white women have long since secured their ability to enjoy scholarships and quotas for employment and education reserved just for them and, since the immigration surge began, nothing has changed. More importantly, there is no indication that any of this will change in the future; after all, in 2019, after years of mass immigration and top-down integration, we keep celebrating white women in power and representation, and pushing them towards it. Look at the signals we are getting in the business and career world:

white women, but no white men

white woman, but no white men

white woman, but no white men

white women, but no white men

white women, but no white men

white women: front and center
white men: buried

white female power (look who is consigned to the back)

white women, always front and center

Now take note of the fact that most of the migrants are men; as such, and because they are generally poor and unskilled, these men are destined for the trades and jobs that demand muscle work, which are dominated by other men. The consequences are far-reaching, as within that field, the demand for such labor shrinks and wages stagnate. Wages may even fall, because the immigrant men are poor and desperate, willing to do anything to get the job and make ends meet. White women, by contrast, tend to work in a completely different labor sector, so they are generally unaffected by these developments and their careers and career prospects remain the same.

Second of all, by virtue of the migrants being men, the migrant influx speaks to female biological drives. Women are hardwired to want to be able to choose the best from all and to come as close as possible to being confident that, having seen what is out there, they are not getting shortchanged. With the influx of male migrants, women theoretically get more choices, more competition for their interest and more attention, too.

Finally, there are cultural impulses to consider. The culture tells woman what is in vogue" and male migrants are definitely a part of that picture:

Just as importantly, the arrival of migrants has not changed the way the culture speaks to white women. This goes beyond the continuance of quotas and career opportunities, or anything else mentioned. The culture and conversation is also currently fit to tolerate exactly whatever white females want and want to say:

An acceptable joke. She decides.

An acceptable outfit. Nobody dares complain.

An acceptable alternative to marriage and family.

Truth or parody? I cannot even decide.

An acceptable, "healthful" weight.

An acceptable point of view.

Acceptable bias. Nobody dares complain.

Acceptable behavior. Nobody dares complain.

Freedom for me, forever. Nobody dares complain

By contrast, the influx of clearly-not-white males coincides with an explicit cultural focus on villainizing and heavily critiquing white males based on supposed "over-representation". White males are also prime to be attacked and typified as the "bad ones":

Is it thus any surprise that, while white men are taking on the system in the trenches, white women are either scorning them, or laughing while blissfully playing with their phones?

This got me thinking again: what would happen if these white females were now experiencing the same dispossession, discrimination and demonization that their male counterparts do and removed from their perches?

What you would see is two groups in a "the-world-against-us" meeting-of-the-minds that, aside from creating a bond of fellow-feeling and drawing the two groups together in common defense, would produce racially-conscious families turned against the system. Currently, white men and white women are pulled apart from one another to the utmost extreme:

The divide is surely exacerbated by different expectations concerning migration (as analysed earlier). In addition, you also have the Democratic Party scapegoating and wanting to leave behind white males while doing nothing to limit white females - and even pushing them forward; the purpose of this bipolar world becomes clear when one considers what would happen if both genders were treated the way that white males are.

I wonder how many people understand what I have just pointed out above.

I also wonder how much longer the "new American demographic" is going to tolerate the white female social justice warrior perched atop everyone, acquiring entitlement after entitlement, claiming a victory for women everywhere and using that card. My guess is growing awareness of the current status quo interplay will eventually end this situation. It is simply inconceivable that black women - especially if they are raised proud, racial and to want spaces without white people - will stand for being second-class citizens when it comes to power and representation in the shadows behind white females.

Under these circumstances, perhaps it would be wise to monitor the growing understanding among white females that the rise of LGBT transexualism/non-biological gendering. White women have been conditioned to take a bow before the LGBT community - but, ultimately, that means putting somebody else's health, happiness and welfare before their own. (update: transgender lobby forces brand to stop using female symbol on hygiene products). I expect a pushback from regular white females, just as white females will likely push back if the so-called "people of color" start complaining about white female privilege and representation. Assuming that to be the case, it may be advantageous to do what we can to accelerate the pace at which the so-called "people of color" come to understand that they are expected to accept female white supremacy and female white power overlordship.

Note that, at the moment, regardless how obvious it is, nobody is talking about white female supremacy. There are about 20 pictures on the internet related to this search query. There are more pictures pertaining to dinosaurs in outer space - really, I am not kidding. If we want to win, we need to change that.

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