FIFTEEN largest cities in Germany report half of population had foreign background - already in 2011!

A classroom in West Germany: can you find the German?
A recently-uncovered study from the Statistische Ämter Bund und Länder (federal and state statistic agency), entitled "Bevölkerung nach Migrationsstatus regional" (population according to migration-status regionally), drops a bombshell.

Without counting the refugees/asylum seekers of 2011-2017, the percentage of children across (West) Germany with a migration background who are six years old or younger is as follows:

Hamburg 48.94%
Hannover                         46.67%
Bremen 57.58%
Duisburg 57.14%
Dortmund 53.33%
Koeln 50.98%
Duesseldorf 50.00%
Essen 50.00%
Darmstadt 52.76%
Stuttgart 56.67%
Nuernberg 51.85%
Muenchen 58.44%
Augsburg 61.54%
Frankfurt 75.61%

Just remember, that was before all this:

Beginning mid-2014, applications for citizenship
in Germany skyrocketed

"Here comes the new labour force"

New slaves for the capitalist class

Some are surely very excited by the news:

"Dialogue Future Vision 2050: the term migration background
will no longer be needed by 2040, as all will have a migration background."

A beautiful night for a flag burning

Claudia Roth (Green Party), circa 1990:
"No more Germany"

Green Party: "Green for mass-immigration"

Green Party:
"Only one reason to choose black.
Time for Green"

Sigmar Gabriel, Social Democratic Party (SPD):
"dear foreigners, don't leave us alone with the Germans."
(the photo was on Gabriel's political website)

Die Linke (left party): "We love the death of our people"

Still loving the death of our people:
"For more forced rape of ethnic Germans,
for the elimination of German blood"

"We love the death of our people"
"No love for a German land"

"You say Germany, we say die!"

"Germans, out!"

"Imagine there is no Germany"

"Destroy Germany!"

Others, not so much:

"Mrs. Merkel, I fear for my children and grandchildren"

"For keeping our culture"