Martin Schulz: "Deutschland existiert nur um die Existenz des israelischen Staates und um das israelische Volk zu sichern"

According to an article by the Israeli news network Haaretz, Martin Schulz, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) candidate competing in the 2017 German federal election, said his country exists only to serve another country and the people of that other country.

Why a voter would be inclined to support a candidate who expressly states that he does not carry on in their interests is completely baffling. Equally perplexing is the fact that the SPD has not been approached about the statement and Schulz has not been asked to give clarification.

Nevertheless, I suspect the original Haaretz article might eventually be taken down, much like the following image, once featured on the website of SPD bigwig Sigmar Gabriel (permalink: here):

"Dear foreigners, please do not leave us alone with the Germans."
("Liebe Ausländer, bitte laßt uns mit den Deutschen nicht allein").
Note "the Germans" instead of "us Germans" -
do they not consider themselves citizens of their own country?

With this in mind, I attempted to archive the Haaretz article (see: here) but, because access to Haaretz is limited to premium subscribers, here is a screenshot and excerpt instead. I have highlighted the part about Schulz in yellow: