NO, the globalists do not have our youth or women in their pocket

That grin, which says: 'if globalism forced me to the back
by default, I would be against globalism, too.'
Already, Armed with Knowledge has explored the curious dynamic where, despite the push towards 'together-ism' in the West, there is hostility towards European-descended men that results in their being pushed to the back or ignored, almost as if such measures are required to show that the European-descended peoples no longer have primacy.

European-descended women, by contrast, have a voice in the West which is by no means deprioritized in view of the interests of non-European-descended women. In an effort to understand why, consider what an alternative scenario would look like, where European-descended women feel pushed aside and reach the same conclusions about the globalist age as disenfranchised, European-descended men. Essentially, you would have a meeting of the minds amoung the European-descended peoples and inevitably more children born into the bonds of such unity.

Now I am not saying that the minority-status hiring and scholarships, silence about familial inheritence and cultural inclusion that European-descended women enjoy exists specifically to prevent European-descended women from seeing eye-to-eye with disenfranchised European-descended men, but that is certainly the result.

Increasingly though, globalism is subjecting European civilization to foreign cultures that disenfranchise women and give rise to terrorism, drawing European-descended women into the same pool of consciousness as disenfranchised, European-descended men. This shift is the great untold secret of the French presidential election, where more women voted for the anti-globalist, nationalist candidate than even men did - 37% to 33%:

As a counterpoint, one could argue that the women only supported the anti-globalist, nationalist candidate, Marine Le Pen, because Marine is a woman and they are loyal to their gender. But women are increasingly taking a place in anti-globalist movements all across Europe. Marine is not an independent phenomenon.

Furthermore, the establishment's answer to Marine was just as capable of capturing the vote of women preoccupied by gender. Just take a closer look at Emmanuel Macron, the establishment's 'anti-establishment' candidate. In Macron, women were offered a good-looking, young rich man who not only "fell in love" with a woman who could have been any woman, but also saved himself for her in his prime, before coming into the picture to raise her children from another lover. Macron is everything that a self-interested woman could want to see more of the world - and everything that an irresponsible, younger woman wants to affirm exists to ease her mind about every terrible, yet terribly fun, romantic decision and justify many more. Macron is grade-A woman porn, which makes the fact that many women looked past this and voted for Macron's opponent all the more impressive.

Macron: the establishment's straw man -
in more ways than one
With all the coverage of the femen protests and presentation of young people in the media, one gets the impression that young Europeans, particularly women, were overwhelmingly for Macron and the global-left. But 44% of France's 18-24 year olds voted for the opposite, which is especially noteworthy given the declining percentage of young, native-born French within that age bracket. For a more accurate depiction of the demographic that supports liberal-globalist victor Macron, the media should take a trip to a senior home and start snapping photos of slow-moving, partially-deaf, walker-carrying seniors; Macron captured a staggering 80% of this demographic's vote.

Depending on whether the opposition provides vision and leadership and whether tomorrow's seniors care more about their children than themselves, change may be on the horizon. The question is whether that change will come too late to change Europe's likely fate.