BREAKING: Protests erupt as Germany unveils enormous, hideous pro-refugee monument

The monument was put in the heart of Dresden, the strongest Pegida stronghold, and consists of three overturned buses resting on their frontsides. The buses are an obvious reference to the busloads of migrants that the Merkel regime has tried to resettle in the area.

Some have suggested that, because the monument looks like a heap of trash, the townspeople should dump their trash there:

In any case, the people of Dresden should be outraged that three long, ugly buses will indefinitely tower upright in the heart of one of the most beautiful city centers in Europe.

To be fair, the Dresden mayor who permitted this, Dirk Hilbert, was voted into power by the people of Dresden. He even won over Pegida by not parading around as a left-wing socialist. Well, now you see how you have been deceived, Dresden. Hilbert, his FDP party and Merkel are no different from the left-wing socialists (SPD, Greens and Die Linke) except for their position on economics. And that is essentially the only choice the people of the west are being given these days - a choice of economics. Wake up.


  1. This makes me so sad for the people of Germany, the true Germans, not the refugees. They should be forced out! Hopefully, Donald Trump will give the refugees a safe space of their own, in their own land. Trump said as much during the campaign, and he mentioned it yesterday, during his speech. God bless Germany and her people.


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