Refugee monument artist designed maps of Islamicized Europe

At first, it seemed plausible that, just as the lib-left tries to push everything 'not lib-left' into a far-right corner, the maps were a hoax and somebody wanted to frame the designer of Dresden's new refugee monument as a jihadist.

But then I visited the website that purportedly had the maps drawn by the artist and discovered two things. First, the site belonged to the artist who had designed Dresden's new refugee monument. Second, the artist really did spend time drafting maps of Islamicized Europe, from the 'fight for Warsaw' to 'Arabic Sachsen'.

The artist is also active against Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against Europe's Islamicization) and designed "protest art" making fun of the Germans from Sachsen, the area in Germany where the artist lives. The "protest art" suggests that Germans from Sachsen would take a case of beer, garden gnomes and a sun umbrella if they had to take refuge in another country:

Apparently, the artist does not realize that a number of Germans in Sachsen are descendants of families from East Prussia. These families travelled across Russia and Eastern Europe all the way to Germany carrying basic possessions and braving the elements just to evade an army that was following them. Millions were raped, murdered or killed by that very army, even after reaching their destination. Still others froze to death. Nobody is making a monument to commemorate their peril. Instead, we commemorate people like this artist and others who are not content with taking the free money, transportation and instant accomodation they have received.