Merry Christmas, Germany: more than 30 Christian monuments defiled over the last month and more than 2800 churches vandalized in 2016

It was "crude fun", claims one of the few mainstream sources covering the latest wave of attacks, which occurred around the town of Dülmen:

That headline, of course, implies that there is no connection between the attacks in Dülmen and the religious intolerance or socio-political ambitions of Germany's growing Muslim immigrant population. But as Germany's Catholic news network reports, police suspect a religious motive behind the attacks ("Die Polizei vermutet einen religiösen Hintergrund):

Unless the "religious motive" is atheism, it is time to address the pink elephant in the room as the culprit: religious intolerance or socio-political ambitions within Germany's growing Muslim immigrant population.

In response to the defacement of Christian relics in Dülmen, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the ruling party across Germany and the region, had nothing to say:

That makes over 2800 incidents of church vandalism that the CDU has failed to address directly this year, including the attack below:

On the other hand, the CDU - in particular, the CDU in Dülmen - has explicitly condemned the defacement of property with negative messages about Muslim migrants, stating that resentment towards migrants has no place in society ("Ressentiments gegenüber Flüchtlingen haben keinen Platz in unserer Gesellschaft"):

In particular, a billboard advertising the CDU had been modified say "together strong for our illegals" ("Gemeinsam stark für unsere Illegale").