The Emperor Has No Clothes

America needs economic stimulus...
so his plan is to
invest time, resources and money reorganizing health care by creating semi-public health care to replace the private health care system.

so he opposes fracking, which employs millions and aids a profitable industry until we can find a fuel solution other than oil.

so Obama naturalized up to 800,000 illegal immigrants from Mexico who are now either living from taxpayer-funded welfare and service programs or competing for ground-level jobs in a dead economy.

so he plans to challenge the weapon-purchasing freedoms available to ordinary Americans. So much for the hunting hobbyist industry. Kiss another source for manufacturing jobs and taxable revenue goodbye. What else does America have going domestically? Apple? The company takes South Korean designs and rebrands them. Google? The company admits it's biggest profit is when companies use their search engines and its newest purchase, YouTube, for advertising. So where's Google's great innovation? Mining user data and selling it to advertisers? Releasing data reports to potential advertisers so they know what video to advertise on since it is visited by their target audience?

The U.S. economy would be better if intelligent people were working and using their brains in their prime; instead, college grads can't find work; millions of senile boomers are sitting on top-level jobs, and won't take pension-aided retirement. Too much greed. Meanwhile, America continues to waste tax money funding DEA initiatives to stop marijuana sales and incarcerate smokers. Legalizing marijuana and taxing it would help to eliminate these expenses, and even help to generate taxable income. Sadly, the financial benefits could be cancelled out in the long run by another development: the tax-break benefits gay couples will start to receive as soon as their union is put on par with a marriage and treated as such under tax regulations. 

Man overboard, America.



  1. Replies
    1. Well, not voting for the same party every time would be a start.

    2. Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, agent x..none of them stand a chance

    3. Well, that may be true. But if people truly voted against the parties that they felt betrayed by, then an independent candidate WOULD win. It's a simple as that.

      There is potential. That's why Obama was a shoe-in for the Democrats in the first place: he could be passed off as "something new", not your typical Democrat or Republican from the past. This helped him steal the thunder of any third party candidate offering change. Obama's non-White background didn't hurt his gambit to become the "change" posterboy. Will another mixed background candidate on the Republican or Democrat side be able to play the same card? Will any candidate from either of these parties be able to play the same card? Guess we'll find out.


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