Pro-Al Qaeda March in England

Ah yes, free speech in an anything-goes globalist society...

Well, almost anything-goes. Just ask the pro-democracy globalists who support this demo being held in the name of free speech if they also support a demo to stop al Qaeda and its supporters from migrating into the country. The answer might surprise you.

Thankfully, the end of pro-al Qaeda rallies is in sight; if the Muslim population continues to grow in Europe due to strong Muslim immigration trends, there will be no need for "pro-al Qaeda rallies" - or al Qaeda - to bring down the West; what will there be to "bring down" in the West when the Muslims will eventually have the numerical majority in the West to build it up however they want? The only question is whether the radical Muslims will find themselves in conflict with the moderate Muslims over how to govern the society Muslims will eventually dominate.

Of course, as Europe moves closer to its near-certain fate of demographic Islamification, one can expect that the resistance will grow exponentially stronger. It will be interesting to see if, under these conditions, the pro-democracy globalists, who can barely stomach anti-Islamification as a small movement, let the resistance demonstrate; whereas the globalists have shown that they support private-practicing Muslims and can stomach even the occasional loud, fringe jihadist extremist, it is clear that nativist-nationalists have no place in the world that the pro-democracy globalists have planned whatsoever; the collectivist and exclusivist tendencies of nativist-nationalists run counter to the trend of globalism. It seems the globalists would rather hand the country over to a completely culture than tolerate sharing the nation with native-nationalists. Quite odd when you think about it.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2011

    So do you support free speech or don't you?

  2. I'm pretty sure the Framers were concerned about the economic and political freedoms of the individuals within the community and society which they were already a part of.

    Globalism, deliberate or not, is the greatest threat to that ideal. And that's really all there is to be said.


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