The globalist blueprint to take over the world: copying the lessons of the boy who cried wolf

Do you remember the tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf? In the story, a shepherd boy shouts "wolf!" and the villagers go into a panic. These days, cries of "racism!" whip the public into a similar frenzy. For this reason, the accusation of racism is the perhaps the strongest weapon of our time and is often employed by "Anti-Racists" who are mainly just globalists in disguise. Don't believe me? Then explain why the "anti-racist" training they designed consists of the following:

  • step 1: exposure to one's unique ancestral heritage/culture is minimized; contact to situations which bring out a sense of ethnic-heritage identity in the daily life is reduced and situations which bring out an appreciation for this identity are eliminated. Events which expose people to cultural identity are attacked as "racist" and everything associated with cultural heritage and identity is made to look stupid, boring and uncool.

  • step 2: one learns that their identity is that of "oppressor" because of the transgressions of his or her ancestors. Meanwhile, everything that is foreign or a product of universal, often materialistic culture is portrayed as swag and cool. Negative points about other cultures and foreign mannerisms are kept from eye's view; if one brings up a negative point or experiences something negative concerning another group or culture, the individual is attacked as a "racist", and so is his or her critique. All the positive things about foreign cultures and their mannerisms are accentuated; thus, a passion for the foreign cultures and mannerisms develops and the individual yearns to "be one" with these people - or even become one of these people.

  • step 3: the individual is made to believe that, if everyone thought the way they have been taught to think after steps 1 and 2, the world would be utopian. Those who do not share these views are attacked as "racist", "dumb" or "ignorant".

Note how the "anti-racist" agenda promotes a pro-globalist agenda. Using "anti-racism" as an excuse to promote globalist interests is pretty sneaky, but the globalists have another trick up their sleeve: in their fight against the West's ethno-religious core identity and foundation, they side with Latino, Black, Muslim, etc. interest groups, even though some of the Latino, Black and Muslim interest groups identify with their own people and have the interests of their own people in mind. Thus, the globalist movement ends exactly where it begins: with one group animated by ethno-pluralism/multiculturalism and the other believing that the movement against "Euro-Christian Caucasian culture" is about the advancement of their own, unique kind and culture. This has been one of the most peculiar, yet skillful accomplishments of the globalists: the ability to rally these two, large camps under one banner using two wholly-inconsistent messages. Just to review:

  • the first message is directed at the Euro-Christian Caucasian majority culture of the Western World: “one humanity! let's fight racism!” This message is attractive because the European-settled world is tired of war and made to feel guilty for the Holocaust, slave trade, segregation and other such things the current generation never did. At the same time, the globalist “one world, one humanity” message capitalizes on the fact that the Christian tradition has shaped the European-settled part of the world and produced generations of peace-seekers and humanitarians who urge for everyone to “love thy neighbor”.

  • the second message is for the "other" (non-Euro) and includes blatant race-baiting, preferentialism, and identity politics. This "other" is told they are victims of oppression and bombarded with information about the slave trade, segregation, etc. on a daily basis. The globalists also try to show that they are working for minority interests by promoting "Non-Euro" cultures, "Non-Euro" versions of history and adopting "Non-Euro" historical figures as heroes. In spite of all this, everything passes as anti-racism, because this promotion, and the attack on "Euro" interests, is said to be about the cause for equality. The globalists justify their actions by saying they are working towards striking a balance in society and "undermining the Euro-supremacist system."

How can the globalists continue to support the ethnic interests of certain peoples when that would, in fact, make them ethno-centric and/or racist, the very things they claim to be against? How can there be a "one world" utopia if the globalists' idea of building this utopia is to circumvent votes by promoting anti-Caucasian, anti-Euro-Christian populism? There is only one answer to these questions: the globalists would have to rule with an iron fist. First, to keep the now-agitated, hyper-proud "other" from attacking Euro-Christian Caucasians and truly working for their own individual people. Secondly, to keep the dispossed former majority, the Euro-Christian Caucasian majority, from becoming red-pilled about the attitudes of the "other" that opposes them and what the globalists have done to seize power without a real plan.

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  1. wow, what a great post! keep them coming!!


  2. This may be the best thing you have written, that I have read at least! Your argument makes its point without writing emotionally, which usually wreaks havoc on educated rhetoric.


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