Who is to blame for the decline? Jews? Blacks? Hispanics? Muslims? Justin Bieber?

Thanks to the sub-replacement birth rate, dumbing down of society, outsourcing of jobs and "insourcing" of millions of underqualified immigrant laborers, Western civilization is in decline.

We've seen our fair share of whistle-blowers who, for whatever reason, were able to forecast the decline; Otto Spengler did exactly that in his masterwork The Decline of the West. Then there's Arthur Kemp's March of the Titans: A History of the White Race. Even the mysterious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, used to vilify the Jews for the West's ailments, predicted the destruction of Western Civilization with amazing accuracy. 

But it isn't the "Jews" who are to blame.

Or the "Blacks", "Hispanics" or Muslims.

It also isn't the "mysterious, robed men" who "met one night at the strike of midnight" to "plot to destroy the West and take over the world", as The Protocols would have us believe.

So who is to blame for the downfall of White civilization? Well, some of those responsible do in fact wear robes:


Some of these people have done the most callous and anti-human things imaginable in the name of protecting Euro-Christian civilization, which has created a stigma around the entire idea of protecting Euro-Christian civilization. In other words, far too many times, the protection agenda of the KKK has become a vehicle for aggressive oppression; to this day, the two ideas are seen to go hand-in-hand; as long as "pro-White" continues to associate with bizarre, ultra-violent individuals (and corrupt figures like D.C. Stephenson) in the KKK, protecting Euro-Christian civilization will continue to be associated with the hate and ridiculousness that, instead of encouraging support for the survivalist agenda, actually encourages opposition to it. Did you get that? Good.

This brings us to the second group responsible for the destruction of White civilization. They identify themselves as "Anti-fascists", and wear black hoods...

They hate their Nations and believe something is to be gained from destroying them. They do not realize that they are financed by the globalist capitalists and then pitted against the pro-Nation folk so that neither side can effectively combat the globalist capitalists, who pretty much run society.

Incidentally, the globalist capitalists are the third group contributing to the destruction of the West.

They wear no disguise, only suits and ties. Their hands are bloodied with the betrayal of their own Nations and they do what they do because money is to be made doing it. That means: peddling smut and anti-society culture, promoting globalism, outsourcing jobs, opposing immigration legislation so they can find illegal immigrants to perform services, and so on. They care only for themselves and their god is Gold. It does not matter to them if tomorrow's European-settled world is uneducated, moral, European or Islamic; they see only people who they can employ and use to make capital, and markets where they can dump manufactured goods.

The last group consists of those who do not care about making money, only spending it. They'd rather go shopping than care about anything else. They live in their small little world and nothing exists outside of that world.

All in all, the enemy of the White world is: White people themselves. Internalize this fact and commit it to memory. Now you understand the problem. Do something about it.


  1. Anonymous05 July, 2011

    Are you SURE Jews aren't at all to blame? quite sure?

  2. Well surely, some of the culture-distorters, bankrollers who pedal anti-society Hollywood smut and folks in the left-wing intellectual bloc in academia are Jews. But if the general public did not permit or even endorse the activities of the above-mentioned groups, then there would be no reason to worry about their effect on society.

    Western society is headed in the direction it is headed because the European-descended people tolerate, accept and even promote that direction.


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