La Raza: fighting racism to promote racism

Take a look at the following video:

To quote one YouTuber:

"The best part of the video is the fact that it is saying: 'white people are so racist, it's so despicable...' while the caption under the Mestizo woman reads : Campus Alliance for "the Race" ("La Raza" is Spanish for "The Race")."

Exactly. The woman whining about "white racism" is in the youth branch of  "The Race", a self-described "Hispanic advocacy organization" that looks after the interests of "the Hispanic race". The organization advocates Latino cultural awareness programs and fights for "the race's" place in American politics; it also wants those from "the race" who are in the country illegally to be allowed to get driver's licenses and become naturalized. Some of "the race's" supporters even want to 'reconquer' the American southwest by repopulating it and building a racial homeland called Aztlán. When confronted about this, "The Race" tried to distance itself from the Hispanic advocacy groups with anti-US tendencies, such as MEChA. But tell me: who are the real racists here? The college students playing dress up and having some fun with racial stereotypes or the ethnocentrists who, even if they are not openly demanding an all-Hispanic homeland, have dedicated themselves to the interests, welfare and advancement of only one community, the Hispanic community?