A wave of Anti-German and non-German terror

At the end of November, Nico Ernst, a member of the organization Pro-Nordrhein Westfalen, was assaulted by a mob of leftists (1); the attack comes shortly after:

In addition to the above events, there were three additional attacks on enemies of the Antideutsch/leftist movement; one attack took place in Dresden (1); the other, in Zelle, where an Antideutsch/leftist mob purportedly stabbed a man with a wooden pole and nearly smashed his head in with a boulder (1). Finally, a political science student was attacked by masked men while on his way to a lecture at Magdeburg University (1).

There has been little to no media coverage of the above incidents. By contrast, when the synagogue in Dresden was recently vandalized, the mainstream media went into hysterics (1,2). Some blamed the NPD (1,2) for inspiring the culprit to act; others tried to use the incident to promote an upcoming demonstration against "the right" (1), implying that "the right" was responsible for vandalism. The online edition of the popular news magazine der Spiegel wasted no time for the accumulation of evidence and flatly blamed
"Rechtsextremisten" (right-wing extremists) for the act (1). This is hardly a surprise. Der Spiegel, a left-wing newspaper known for funding the SPD, is always up for a little agitation against "the right." Nevertheless, the Spiegel likes the public to think that it is a legitimate news source which is why, after it was revealed that an Algerian immigrant was responsible for vandalizing the synagogue (click here for the police report), the Spiegel modified its article and changed the culprit from "Rechtsextremisten" to "Unbekannte" (unknown persons). See for yourself here.

So in the end, the vandalism which the Left wanted to use to mobilize the public against "the right" for, was not something the NPD, patriotic circles in eastern Germany or some violent Nazi extremists could be blamed for; rather, responsibility fell on the shoulders of some poorly-integrated Algerian immigrant who, if it wasn't for the left's overwhelming political influence in Germany, would not be in Germany causing trouble in the first place.