It begins: Dems in position to take 'safe' Republican Senate seat in MONTANA; Trump polling poorly in TEXAS

You can blame the COVID-19 coronavirus, the response, the economic collapse, or any other factor you like; but, unless the polls are not to be trusted, it seems we are witnessing the end, my friend - the end of elaborate plans and the end of everything that stands regarding the Republican Party in America:

No Republican presidential candidate stands a chance to win without carrying Texas. In fact, no Republican presidential candidate has failed to take Texas in almost half a century. Should this be the year everything changes, it would be accelerationism on steroids, where things that are bound to happen because of demographic transformation start to occur before demographics force them to. And what could be more symbolic than a red state like Montana having a Democrat-controlled Senate?

As Marketwatch reports:
Steve Bullock was the lame-duck governor of solidly red Montana, fresh off a failed Democratic presidential bid, when he pivoted and announced he’d challenge Republican Sen. Steve Daines for his seat.
Notably, Bullock's "pivoting" was a move inspired by former U.S. President Barack Obama. Should Bullock hold on to defeat Daines, Bullock would join Jon Tester as a representative of Montana in the U.S. Senate, turning Montana solidly Democrat "blue" in the U.S. Senate.

This would be a huge blow to the Republicans, who currently control the Senate and have relied on this edge in every respect. Losing Daines would be a monstrous blow to Trump's 2016 platform, too. Daines is an immigrant restrictionist who stood by the 2016 Trump campaign's border wall proposal.