Sympathy for the devils who steer the 'Democracy', a ship with few lifeboats

Proponents of open-borders and multiculturalism education often pat their own backs for bringing peace between the people of different countries in Europe. But had those who now lead the forward-march of open borders and multiculturalism not pushed for war and intolerant patriotism to fuel support for conflicts to expand their control of resources and achieve total market domination, maybe the hatred between neighboring countrymen would never have become an issue at all. Indeed, it is a common myth that corporations simply "went along" with the  patriotism-fueled expansionist wars of the last century. The truth is that corporate bodies were the ones pushing for war, even outside of Europe.

For an idea of what the corporate leaders were expecting to gain from such agitation, check the profit margin of American companies after the First World War. America only fought in that war for one year, from 1917 to 1918:

In the span of that time, the American company Du Pont pocketed today's equivalent of $98.6 million dollars, all material and production costs accounted for. U.S. Steel made 1.7 billion in the same, one-year timeframe.

Remember how we were told that "all the powers" last century expected wars to be "over in months"? Well, whose expectations do you think these were? The "over in months" theory was a business model, and businesses expected to turn quite a profit from following it. THIS is the history of warfare, not some bizarre theory where people just automatically hate one another and want to destroy each other unless told to be more diverse and multicultural.

Profit was not the only thing that these corporations wanted. After the First World War, IG Farben was formed. A European version of America's Du Pont, IG Farben wanted to conquer and consolidate markets. The corporate giant was not only a voice to Nazi Germany's leadership, but directly part of it, planning the regime's maneuvers. As this video shows, IG Farben planned the takeovers in present-day Czech Republic and Slovakia, built industries in Poland that enslaved millions and organized similar takeovers across what is now Belarus and Russia. In wake of Nazi Germany's foreseen military defeat, IG Farben and many others came together to plan a regime that would re-implement the
The new collaborate shown in blue did the unthinkable leading the
old collaborate shown in red. Yet we are supposed
to trust the new collaborate.
network of power they had achieved on the backs of many fallen men. And so, today we have what the people of IG Farben had planned for all along: a single market with streamlined regulations, the eradication of border tariffs and rules that prevent local producers from receiving national protection against multinational industries of their own. Having set up the European Union, the very same conglomerates secured the power to implement legislation affecting all of Europe using a body they themselves staff, called the European Commission. As a result, they can manipulate and control the body that opens the flood gates of immigration, thus oversupplying the labour market and artificially deflating the cost of undesired service positions, for which compensation should be increasing due to the position's undesirability. They are making labour a cheap commodity to protect their profits. The movement for a minimum wage hike, which would just recalibrate earnings for everyone across the board and spark inflation, would be completely unnecessary if the liberals would just back down from their open borders position. But no, fueled by globalist propaganda, they march on.

But the sacrifices - economic, socio-cultural, safety-oriented - that multi-national corporations are forcing us to accept to maximize wealth go well beyond allowing ourselves to be turned into a cheap commodity. As the last years have shown, the importation of such labour has opened the door for those who wish to abuse the welcome mat to obtain the handsome welfare package being offered, expand their criminal networks and, through terrorism, build their own religious empire, the Caliphate. When it comes to each of these looming dangers, the globalists are immune - they simply retire to their wealthy, gated communities and ivory towers.

Basically, the elites have finally achieved a united Europe that would make Napoleon and Hitler blush. Yet, because their safety is nearly certain, they are risking everything just to generate the most individual profits that are possible. Why invest in the future, like automation and robotics, when you can keep feeding replaceable workers into the system? A parallel can be drawn to the decision to pursue the slave economy in the midst of mechanical cotton picking.

So what about the resistance? Critics are suppressed or simply ignored by policymakers. With the European Union especially, they have essentially cut the people from 'democracy'. But the people mainly accept it. They have been raised to crave the warm, fuzzy feeling one is supposed to inherit just because a corporate setting and the surrounding community look like a multi-colored box of crayons. With the widespread acceptance of globalism, and the insistence of looking past huge its flaws, it is amazing that people are so quick to jump in bed with the same 1% who, unlike the rest of us, owned slaves, built and staffed Auschwitz or financed the wars that sent so many to their graves. But that is where we stand at the moment. Hopefully, as the problem and the source become clearer to the mainstream, there will be a reaction. One can always hope.