"Migrant Crisis Thought Experiment: What if the Sexes were Reversed?"

When documenting where we are headed in the West, I sometimes feel obligated to share original material that really makes me stop and think. Some reads are just too memorable to not be passed on. This is one of them:

What if the Sexes were Reversed? A Thought Experiment for Understanding the Response to the Refugee Crisis

originally from "Migrant Crisis Thought Experiment: What if the Sexes were Reversed?" by Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer (edits and additions have been made to what follows)

For about 2 years now, nonwhites from Africa and the Middle East have been marching into Europe. We don’t know the numbers because the politicians and government agencies lie, but the numbers are in the millions. Nine out of ten of these sub-Mediterranean “migrants” coming in are young, potentially-aggressive males.

Meanwhile, nine out of ten of those who support the "migrants" are females:

I have been criticized – even insulted and called names – for suggesting that there is a sexual element to the demographic showing support for the migration. I have also been accused of hating women.

But what if the Sexes were Reversed?

For instance:
  • What if 90% of the “migrants flooding into Europe were poor, submissive young women from Asia, and 90% of the white demonstrators supporting this invasion were men, who marched through the streets holding handmade signs with hearts painted on them reading “refugees welcome”?

Questions to then ask:
  • Would white women feel comfortable with this situation?
  • Would the media comment on the sexual demographics of demonstrators in support of the invasion?
  • Would women who pointed out the sex demographics of the “migrants” in contrast to the white supporters of the influx be accused of “hating men”?
  • Would feminists be writing more op-eds than usual about how “white men have fetishized Asian female submissiveness”?
  • Would nationalists attack another nationalist for claiming there was a sexual dynamic to the overwhelming male support for an overwhelmingly female “migrant crisis”?

It’s just a thought experiment to get the wheels turning. Because I think we may have a situation here where both:

A) White men are biologically evolved to view women as sexually innocent, and

B) White men are afraid to admit that their women are lusting after foreign men; it feels like something they should be shamed by, and so they choose to embrace delusion.

It is extremely important that we understand what is going on with this situation. Refusing to admit that our women are colluding with globalist politicians and liberal Jew-owned news outlets like CNN to cuck us on a civilizational scale does not help us. Likewise, refusing to be an adult and accept obvious, in-your-face facts of life does not help.

The facts are simple: women, especially when told so by society, are not necessarily driven by race when choosing a mate. They are looking for strength. Strength can be emotional or based on physical appearance. But the latter usually is a shortcut to find the former. In all cases, finding the strongest requires having options. And women want to have options. Bringing in more men increases their options.

But they also like to test. Women want men to fight with one another over her, so that she can find the mate who is stronger. This is an in-born drive they have. Bringing in able-bodied men to compete for them - and have you compete against them for her - is all part of her mental wiring.

The fact that they will try to pretend they don’t like it is also an evolutionary function – because if they made it obvious they did like it, men would say to one another “why are we playing along with this silly woman’s game?”

Any man who has spent significant time around women is aware of the phenomenon where they will provoke a fight between two men and then begin to hysterically ask them to stop it. This is also another level of the challenge, because if the man acquiesces to her demands to stop, he is as unworthy as if he loses the fight outright.

Also note that this is subconscious for the overwhelming majority of these women. They are carrying out an evolutionary-programmed mating function, by forcing one group of men to establish dominance and thus win the right to their wombs. Nothing has been done socially or culturally to change these drives, except make tweens fall in love with baby-faced boys - like Justin Bieber. But look how Bieber turned out to be and was marketed: as a "bad boy".

The "bad boy" persona goes hand-in-hand with the strong-willed character women are looking for, who will not bow down from a fight in her honor. By nature, women are sexually fixated on this type of dominance and, whereas plenty has been done to change men in society, nothing has been done to deprogram women, except make them stronger and super-confident.

Looking at what is going on, it is obvious why female racial preference appears to be changing. In Europe, immigrant youth, particularly Moslems, are viewed as dominant, while men of the West are viewed as weak – primarily, for the very reason that they have allowed women "freedom" to do whatever they want. Also, as noted above, men have given in to society's pressures and changed themselves by emasculating themselves. This was parodied in South Park: the women wanted the men to change and be more sensitive, but once they were, the women were no longer attracted to them.

Another point to consider is that perhaps female support for the immigration invasion could be a 'shit test' - a challenge for men to react to something that, for obvious reasons, men should by nature not want (what man looks forward to more competition to keep his woman?) A shit test is what happens when a girl you are pursuing allows another guy to start flirting with her in front of you to see how you will react; of course, the reaction she wants is for you to come say “hey buddy – get outta here, she’s mine” – but if you don’t do that, maybe she’ll just go with him instead.

Women, particularly single women, will always choose to maximize the number of men competing for them if possible. It is simply a function of their psychology. Men, on the other hand, will use logic to create a situation that is as livable and productive as possible, which is also why more competition over women is not looked forward to.

And so, yes, gender plays a role in the migrant crisis.