Macron lost in Calais: the great irony of the French election

The first statistics from the French election are in.

Have a look at the following map, which shows how well the mass immigration candidate (Emmanuel Macron, light purple) and anti-immigration candidate (Marine Le Pen, dark blue) performed across France:

Now let's find a little place called 'Calais, which lies in the middle of the patch that voted for the anti-immigration candidate (Le Pen):

Calais, France.

Calais has been in the news for quite some time now. It is the site of the now-deconstructed, immigrant-dominated shanty town.

So now we know: the mass immigration candidate won everywhere across France - except the place dealing with mass immigration the most.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that French people do not want mass immigration when they actually have to live surrounded by it. I sense that the next twenty years are going to be quite an eye-opening experience for the rest of France.


No to Globalism said…
Not sure everybody who reads this will know about Calais, so here is an excerpt from Reuters:

"Miss Le Pen, whose anti-immigrant Front National party came first in France in European Parliament elections last June, made the call during a visit to the town, where riot police used tear gas this week to ward off hundreds of immigrants seeking to jump on to trucks bound for Britain.

Seizing on the latest sharp escalation of tensions, Le Pen denounced what she described as the "phenomenal scandal" of a town left to its own devices in the face of an exponential rise in the number of illegal immigrants seeking to get across the Channel to Britain.

"It's time to wage war on this phenomenon," Miss Le Pen, whose party won about 14 per cent of the vote in Calais town hall elections last March.

Roughly 2,300 immigrants, many of them from Africa, are roaming the streets and sleeping in makeshift camps in and around Calais while waiting to attempt the final leg of their bid to reach Britain, according to estimates from the local prefect's office. The number was 1,500 just a few months ago. "