EU insanity: refugees steal and kill farmer's animals, farmer denied remedy and cited for "agitation against the people"

Surviving sheep from Toni P.'s farm
(photo: Toni: P)
In a case that is currently developing, several sheep were stolen from the property of a young German farmer named Toni P. Within one and a half years, police traced the evidence to a now-defunct facility for immigrant asylum seekers. The migrant suspects were summarily apprehended.

Soon thereafter, the young farmer was informed that, for the criminal process to begin, the migrants had to have committed a more serious crime against him. The suspects were being tried for another crime at the time.

Thus, the young farmer was offered no compensation for his lost animals for the time being. He did not receive support from the mainstream German politicians, either. After hearing the bad news, the young farmer posted on Facebook, expressing anger. He called the criminal migrants "Drecksvolk" - "filthy people".

Now, the young farmer is being cited for "Volksverhetzung" - "agitation against the people" for his remarks about the migrants who killed his livestock. The betrayed farmer is scheduled for a hearing on May 9, 2017. Supporters of the farmer are asking for your support, and you can contact Toni here.

The original notice, in German, can be found here.