BREAKING: Trump protesters allege Trump incited a riot and seek compensation. Court says they may have a case

Avoiding all the legal mumbo-jumbo, here is what is going on.

1. From this:

(note the sync overlap with "today we have to be so nice, so nice...")

2. We get:

- a claim
for compensation due to "incitement of a riot" and "physical injuries, emotional distress, humiliation, and mental anguish."

- a court decision that, 'yep, there might be a case for incitement of a riot and physical injuries, emotional distress, humiliation, and mental anguish.'

3. I feel the Trump campaign team should chip in for the accused's defense. Trump brought the civilians who stopped other event interruptions on stage and thanked them (see below), so the Trump campaign team should show that Trump was not just bringing people up on the stage for a vote. Furthermore, the accuser probably has a wealthy civil rights organization behind her and the accused, including a frail, old Vietnam veteran and a blue-collar working man, do not. Let me know if you agree in the comments below:

4. Things we've learned (detailed analysis): in this case against Trump, the federal judge had the option of forcing the accuser to show that incitement was fully plausible instead of just not impossible. The judge went with the latter, dated standard and, oddly, cited a case that ultimately goes against the latter, dated standard. Lol. Having made his decision, the judge effectively ignored hundreds of cases awaiting settlement, and now representatives of the busy Presidential Administration have to attend to a case in which a person who wanted to disrupt a rally got pushed before stopping to take a selfie.

We have also learned that, if a person disrupts a political event, if you are a civilian, you cannot push that person out of the way, or you may be liable for that person's emotional distress, humiliation, and mental anguish if they become "fearful of an unwanted touching". Meanwhile, as this video shows, you cannot walk down a public street in California without getting beaten into a bloody mess by those who oppose Trump.

5. The good. The Trump Administration needs a healthy reminder of where we stand socio-politically and what our situation is on the ground. Here it is.


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