The FPÖ in Austria was founded by ex-Nazis

It's true.

But Austria and present-day Germany were both part of the same state during the Nazi era and, since going seperate ways in 1945, every major political party in Germany, from the CDU to the SPD, CSU and the FDP, has had Nazis in the ranks.

Politicians in Germany with Nazi backgrounds

Former Hitler youth and young Wehrmacht soldiers were amoung the founders of Germany's Green Party and the Die Linke (Germany's Left Party), respectively.

Uninformed, they march.
In Austria, due to the emphasis on the "first victim" myth in Austrian social culture (the idea that Austria was invaded by Nazi armies and did not want to be part of the united German state), politicians were under immediate pressure to destroy all traces of their Nazi past, so there is no telling how many elected officials had Nazi ties over the years. The ties we do know have only surfaced thorough intense investigation and, at time, sheer coincidence.  In any case, in addition to the FPÖ being "founded by ex-Nazis", the other two main parties formed immediately after the Nazi era were the ÖVP and SPÖ and both evidentally had Nazi roots in their foundations.

  • with the ÖVP, there was Leopold Figl, the chancellor who is considered the first president of post-war Austria. Figl belonged to an Austro-Facist paramilitary organization before the war and became a leading Austro-Fascist who stood aside for the German state that incorporated Austria and the Sudetenland under Hitler. The ÖVP's Kurt Waldheim was a paramilitary in the German SA and a member of the National Socialist German Students' League. He also achieved the highest leutenant ranking in the German Wehrmacht. Because Waldheim went on to serve in the United Nations, his profile became exposed and Mossad (Israeli secret service) even tried to doctor Waldheim's file to show that he knew about Holocaust-related things. The objective was to destroy Waldheim's career.

  • one of the SPÖ's first figureheads, Adolf Schärf, was known for his pre-World War II "ich stimme Ja" interview and publication Die Gründung der Republik Deutschösterreich, der Anschluß und die sudetendeutsche Frage. In both, he espoused the creation of a united German state, including Sudentenland and Austria, under Hitler. Another early leader of the SPÖ was Karl Renner, a powerful Austro-Fascist and enthusiastic supporter of the same, pro-Hitler policy in Austria as Schärf. The SPÖ's Bruno Kreisy, a long-time foreign minister and chancellor of Austria, had no qualms about having 4-5 known ex-Nazis in his cabinet.

Interestingly, when Nazi hunter Jew Simon Wiesenthal began pulling up dirt on Kreisy's appointees, Kreisy accused Wiesenthal of having worked for the Nazi Gestapo in a Jewish administrative council (Judenrat) in Poland during World War II. Despite affirmation from the Polish foreign ministry, the claims against Wiesenthal have not been proven. However, if the Polish foreign ministry is correct in its assessment, it could mean that Nazi collaborators are in Mossad.  Alreadly, several high-profile Jews, such as George Soros or Josef Mangele's assistant doctor, are known to have been Nazi collaborators. That being the case, how groundbreaking is it that the FPÖ was established by ex-Nazis?

On the EU quasi-supranational level (which is really what people should be paying attention to), ex-Nazis were everywhere. From Fritz Ter Meer to Carl Wurster to Walter Hallenstein, the list of complicity is clear. In fact, the entire EU was built through the machinations of those who had Auschwitz built. Why that does not excite the press as much as the idea that the FPÖ was founded by ex-Nazis, particularly in view of the emphasis on Holocaust education, is baffling.