Kauf nicht bei New Balance! The international left starts boycotting goods

Just like in 1933, when Jews began boycotting German goods and the Germans acted in turn, the left has decided to boycott the New England shoe company New Balance.

According to Bloomberg, New Balance has come under fire - literally - for speaking approvingly of President Elect Donald Trump's stance on trade. In connection with other protests against Trump, left-wing radicals have set New Balance sneakers on fire and declared support for a boycott against the shoe manufacturer. Others have tossed their New Balances in the trash or toilet.

Not surprisingly, the source behind the incitement appears to be a now-deleted tweet by Sara Germano, a Wall Street Journal, internationalist woman-snob, the exact kind of person who probably was all-in for the Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton.

There is a further layer of irony. For years, Germans have worn New Balance because of the trademark "N" design (N for Nation) which became a way to communicate national sentiment inside and outside of political circles. Now aware of New Balance's position on international production and outsourcing, these people have all the more reason to support New Balance - and the Trump movement, which is putting a boot (shoe?) up the system's ass. In support of globalism, perhaps the left will start to buy from Nike, a company known for its "globalist" connection to human rights abuses in Southeast Asia. As if we needed further evidence of how strange the liberal mind is.