"And never the twain shall meet": an overview of the effort to keep Russia from Europe and Europe from Russia

Let's take a walk through British history:

  • during the Ottoman Empire's long decline, Russia sought to expand further into Europe and Britain responded with force.
  •  in the 19th century, the rise of Napoleon brought the prospect of a power stretching from France, across Germany and on to Russia. Britain responded with force.
  • in the early 20th century, Britain risked its wealth and empire to stop the rise of a German-led coalition that dominated from France to Russia. The German-led coalition was crushed but so was Britain.

That's when America picked up Britain's fallen torch:

  • fearing that a Moscow-based government could bulldoze across war-torn Europe and take power as far west as France, industrialists in America and Britain financed the build-up of a new German power in the 1930s.
  • a decade later, the German power began to restore the old German-led coalition's sphere of influence. In turn, Britain declared war. A new German-led coalition arose, determined to establish a realm stretching from France to the Steppes of Russia. The United States and Britain bombed the German power and gave aid to the Moscow-based government, which beat back the German-led coalition.
  • with Europe in ruins, British and Americans rushed to Berlin to stop the resurgent Moscow-based military from bulldozing across war-torn Europe and establishing influence as far west as France. The Cold War began.
  •  with the collapse of the Moscow-based power in the 1990s, the area of Europe that had come under Moscow's control became colonized under the EU, an American-friendly political and economic system that, like NATO, is based in Brussels. To what degree the EU is independent from the United States is debatable. America, however, is set on preventing any sort of understanding between Russia and continental Europe, and it appears the EU will just stand back from the controls. The latest developments are shown below: