High-Risk Ebola: what were the chances it could have reached France and UK?

According to Medical Daily, scientists claimed that there was a 25% chance the Ebola virus would not come to Europe before October 25. The study had been conducted to size up the threat in wake of the virus' expansion across Liberia and other parts of West Africa.

The figure took into account the large number of West Africans who have ties to family in France and would have been likely to take flight to Europe as panic spread. Britain had a slightly lower chance of seeing the disease, 50%, but the likelihood was still high due to Heathrow Airport's prime role in international travel. If both countries had closed their airports to flights from the regions fighting the epidemic, the report claimed the risk dropped to 25% and 15%, respectively.

Now several months after the panic began, it appears that Ebola has been contained.  However, it is alarming how the government of the United States seemed quite adamant about not shutting down flights from the disease-ravaged area - even after the Ebola-carrying West African arrived on U.S. shores and created a scare in Texas. What does this mean for the future, if there is another or similar outbreak in Africa?

One time in an airport, I was singled out for a random security check and security confiscated an empty beer can that I was trying to bring back with me as a family souvenir. Another time, a drug-sniffing beagle found an orange peel from my in-flight snack as I stood in line in front of customs. This led to my bags being opened just to prove that I didn't have real fruit. So beer cans, orange peels - none of these items can come into our countries but someone flying in alone from a mass epidemic area can?

Priorities through globalist ideology. But if you live by a flawed ideology, then you just may die on account of it, too.