Live by flawed ideology, die by it too?

I just heard on the radio that, each year, Duisburg, Germany spends 10 million Euros trying to integrate its foreign-born population. I decided to do more research. Turns out, integration has been devastating for the city in other ways, too:

'The social balance and social peace is extremely endangered,' reads an internal paper produced by the German Association of Cities.

The ill-educated have little or no chance of finding work while some Roma families have up to ten children and are receiving payments for each of them from the state. 
'The Roma in particular', states the report, 'end up in desolate conditions once they are here'. The knock-on effect is chaos also in classrooms where native children are being held back because the newcomers know no German.
Police in several German towns report on organised Romanian crime gangs where children and women are sent out each morning with specific instructions where to steal and from whom.

One police report from Duisburg read: 'For at least a year, observations in Duisburg (but also nationally) show that Romanian groups - apparently family clans - are committing organized crimes on an alarming scale.' 
In 2007 there were 31,596 immigrants into Germany from the two countries and a further 83,000 arrived in the following three years. In 2011 alone nearly 64,000 arrived from Romania and Bulgaria. (more)

So why is Duisburg taking in penniless, unskilled foreigners in the hopes that one day they will amount to something? Why not encourage stable, educated working German families to have more children so the state can sustain without wasting millions of Euros trying to integrate foreigners? 

Multiculturalism or bust, it seems.

Sören Link, the Duisburg mayor from the pro-immigration, socialist-leaning Social Democratic Party (SPD), is even fed up

"We didn't ask for this problem and we can't handle it alone," he says. 

Herr Link, when was the last time you checked your party's voting record or campaign platforms?