Sandy Hook - the truth comes full circle

When one police officer radioed in for more information on the car allegedly driven by the "Sandy Hook shooter", another officer read out "Christopher Rodia". We are told that two calls overlapped on the same radio frequency and have nothing to do with one another. However, Rodia actually ties in to the shooting quite well, because an investigation into his personal background validates an important point.

According to this site, Rodia was once in the news for stealing copper wire from a construction site with his 19 year old niece":

As the article states, Rodia and his niece had been living in Newtown, Connecticut, at "19 Vollmer Ave"...

"19 Vollmer Ave" is the same address maintained by George Uzar when he was arrested for "erratic" driving just one month ago: 

Strangely enough, George Uzar's father, George Uzar Sr., is currently serving a long-term prison sentence for sawing off manufacturing automatic assault rifles and selling them to members of the Latin Kings, a notorious gang. The following article was published after authorities raided the elder Uzar's residence:

So how is any of this relevant? Well, under Obama's plan to "prevent the next Sandy Hook" by fingerprinting gun owners and banning certain semi-automatic weapons, Uzar Sr.'s weapon-smuggling ring would have been tracked down a long time ago. This is good news. 

However, with or without Uzar, the Latin Kings are going to want weapons, and Obama's fingerprint registry and gun bans will do little to stop this. In fact, all Obama's measures will do is push weapons-smuggling out of the hands of law-breaking hobbyists like Uzar Sr. and further underground. In short, criminals, particularly those in city gangs, will still get their guns and the real problem with gun violence in America will remain unsolved. The only difference is that, after Obama's gun measures, regular citizens will be unable to obtain guns of the same caliber that criminals will still be getting their hands on. Just a small detail the media is not sharing amidst all this anti-gun hysteria.

Gun ban enthusiasts also claim that Obama's proposals would eliminate the guns that the Sandy Hook killer is said to have taken from his mom and used in the shooting. However, under the newly-proposed gun laws, nothing would have prevented the killer's mother from holding onto the guns that she already had, and the weapons could have even been grandfathered into her son's legal possession. So, although we are being told to accept Obama's freedom-restricting gun legislation because "it could have prevented Sandy Hook", even with Obama's regulations in place, the killer would have had access to the weapons he used and Sandy Hook would not have been prevented. That's the second detail the media is not sharing.

Use your head; do not be swayed by those who use false logic to push along the gun agenda before emotions from Sandy Hook fade.