Those responsible for "liberalism" and "gender emancipation"

Today I'd like to extend a big "f*ck you" to the individuals behind the Spirit of the Age.

Included are the folks who have worked hard to undermine common gender and relationship roles so we can "be free", leaving both men and women confused and frustrated because the new norms are alien to common instincts as well as relationship needs.

And let's not forget the 
brilliant minds who have convinced our women that having children is merely an impediment to their "freedom" - freedom which is now spent studying useless bullshit like fashion, but most of the time just whoring around on Tinder and posting on Instagram.

a one-fingered salute to those who encourage the citizenry
to act on impulse and follow pure emotion, like that's what self-actualization is supposed to be about.

Listed below are the key ideologues behind this madness, who incidentally all descend from "
the Tribe":