"The Spirit of the Age" - what is it?

I've mentioned the Spirit of the Age several times before. Basically, it's everything derived from the supreme ideology of the West, which rains down on us and has changed every aspect of the society we live in...

The Spirit of the Age has turned nation-states into international, consumer-culture states...

...where heritage is mocked to protest ethnic interests and nativist politics.

With the Spirit of the Age, anything goes...

...except challenging the Spirit of the Age.

The Spirit of the Age says the ethno-state is "wrong"
and the international-multicultural state is "good".

So, if you support the ethno-state, people will feel godly blocking your
demonstrations and denying you your constitutional rights.

The Spirit of the Age also tells us what is "cool"

...and produces an endless number
of self-absorbed, free-spirit brat-sluts
who turn out like this:

My ex claimed she had been rufied
before this picture was taken:

It was a year before we met.

But maybe she was just being a
loose, adulterous cunt

...like she was after we met.

Either way, it is all a refection of the Spirit of the Age.

The men produced by the Spirit of the Age are not much better.

They think only about themselves and basic drives to scribble and piss where they please..

And then there are
 men like this:

who emulate this:

because the Spirit of the Age encourages "cool" non-native emulation from both our women and men...

and idolatry...

Oh, cool, you're German. So I can experience a little German culture
with you and your family?

Girl: Um, sorry...my culture is diversity...

Here are a few more images reflective of the culture
and ideas produced by the Spirit of the Age:

Culture is perverted into a de-cultured expression of sexuality on MTV...

Looks become a ticket to wild pleasure
in an empty cycle of self-absorbed euphoria and bliss...

How about using those same traits
to find the best and most suitable mate?

No thanks, I'm a rebel...

Sure you are.

Just like everybody else.

Sadly, many won't understand the irony

But they'll understand this:

The "Perfect Fit"...

You'd have to be completely stupid not to see the hidden message.

Stupid, like the concept  of a "pimpmommy"...

Only in the West.

As if that weren't enough, her profile reads: "to hell with the final exams, I'm a princess." 

Nothing could be more reflective of the Spirit of the Age.

Can't find a girl who isn't like this?

Buy this:

According to the Spirit of the Age,

sex isn't about love, anyway.

Swag is...

And this guy has it:

You don't.


Is THIS is what our ancestors fought for?

It's time to hit reset. And take our society and culture back.


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