Obama grants amnesty to illegals, Israel builds detention camps and deports African "cancer"

See for yourself:

Keep in mind the above represents the moderate approach. The nationalists in Israel have a different remedy: “anyone that penetrates Israel’s border should be shot,” said Aryeh Eldad of the Hatikva Party. “Whoever touches Israel’s border—shot.” Miri Regev, a parliament member with the Likud Party, calls the Africans “a cancer in our body.”

Interior Minister Eli Yishai describes the planned deportation as an act of national self-preservation, which plays an important role in Israeli society. For instance, the Gospels are not allowed to be quoted, let alone taught, in Israeli schools. When an Orthodox Jew mentions the name of Jesus, he is supposed to recite the following curse: “may his name be damned, and memory erased.” Likewise, Israel’s Education Minister has imposed strict segregation of Jews and Arabs in schools.

So, ho has the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, reacted to all this? Netanyahu has declared that African migrants could overrun Israel and become a threat to national identity:

from: "Netanyahu: African migrants could overrun Israel" Associated Press,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning that Israel could be swamped by illegal migrants from Africa. The mounting number of migrants is high on the national agenda following a series of crimes, including rapes, that have been blamed on the newcomers. Netanyahu says the influx is “threatening the fabric of Israeli society, its national security and its national identity.”

He says if Israel doesn’t stop it, then “60,000 infiltrators are liable to become 600,000, and lead to the eradication of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” More than 50,000 Africans have poured into Israel since 2005, seeking to escape persecution and poverty.

Some Israelis believe their country, created after the Holocaust, must help the oppressed
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So lets turn the tables. Let's say you live in the United States, Canada or Europe and you don’t want a new wave of immigration, either; perhaps you think that your country belongs to the people who are already there, just like some Israelis see their country. Well, forget it; unlike the Israelis, you’re a "Nazi" and a "racist" for your ideas, and Jews will be in the first row lobbing those insults at you.

Incidentally, President Obama just bypassed Congress and granted amnesty to millions of illegals with the “Dream Act.” The name could be a deliberate attempt to mislead the public; an "act" is a statute enacted by Congress, and Congress had nothing to do with the decision. It was Obama's order.

In stark contrast to the Israeli attitude on the illegals in question, Obama has our illegals "Americans in their heart, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper." So did the media find this statement outlandish? Not at all. The latest edition of Time Magazine merely reaffirmed everything Obama had said:

As America moves to nationalize 12 MILLION people who do not even speak our language, ask yourself: what message we are sending to those who are in Mexico right now and finding out they can just walk across the border and be on their way to citizenship? Does the same rationale for Israel not opening its door to anyone apply to the U.S.?