Rationalizing away the nation

Joe Public, resident of London: "I have nothing against immigrants. The restaurants owned by foreigners have good prices and the foreigners who work there are always nice. I even have a few friends who are foreigners. Anti-immigration party?! I could never vote for an anti-immigration political party! Those people are rabble rousers filled with hate for foreigners."

10-15 years later...

Joe Public, resident of London: "These days...you know...sometimes, I feel like a foreigner in this city, but I guess it is true that most capitals throughout the world are cosmopolitan and international. Besides, what is happening to London is not happening throughout the rest of the country; it is silly to look at London's population and suggest that the UK is "in the midst of demographic crisis"; I could never vote for a politician who says things like that. I guess if I don't like what London has become, I can go live somewhere else. Maybe I'll go to Birmingham."

1 year later...

Joe Public, resident of Birmingham: "Well, maybe I was wrong. Birmingham is pretty overcrowded, and there are a lot of foreigners here. But...Birmingham is a large city, just like London. Maybe it is simply time to go somewhere other than a large city. Maybe I'd feel at home in Leicester."

5 years later...

Joe Public, resident of Leicester: "Hm, Leicester is much smaller than London and Birmingham...but I admit I still feel out of place. Is there no city in the UK where I can enjoy my own culture? Maybe I'll just go live in Batley or Nelson, somewhere in the countryside..."

Sure Joe, just keep running.

Let's face the facts: the UK's foreign-born population is the only one that is expanding; Joe likes his UK the way it is, yet he continues to tolerate politicians who want to ease immigrantion restrictions; Joe fails to understand that, if the immigrant population continues to grow larger, it will become the UK-wide majority. So where will you run next, Mr. White Flight? Or what, did you not think that could happen?

As a whole, the British still control their society. The English language is taught in schools and politicians do not pander for specific "Muslim, Gypsy, Pakistani or African" votes. By comparison, America has Latino and Black lobbies, plus Affirmative Action programs which discriminate against the White population. There are scholarships and employment opportunities just for Non-Whites. Race-quotas, too.

Native Britons think they can just run away from the cities to roost elsewhere and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They think they can escape the growing, inner-city nonsense and invite immigrants into the country without having to give up good jobs, pander to the interests of these non-natives or share power. Sorry, that's just not how it works.