Sounding the warning about the Obama globalists and the Neo-Cons

No matter which side of the Rep-Dem coin, the policies and social norms are being shaped by people who do not have our best interests in mind. These people speak on behalf of the very groups that threaten to take control of our democracy as their numbers increase and our numbers decline. Which version of full-out Amnesty will you vote for in the upcoming election?

In the schools, we are educated to not only tolerate what is taking place, but to support it. Nevertheless, to "have tolerance" is the key word for everything: they want us to "have tolerance" for a lack of enforced border policies, to "have tolerance" for our children being denied jobs because of race quotas, discriminatory hiring practices and outsourcing; to "have tolerance" for those who glamorize everything but what is considered to be "White" or from the Euro-culture tradition; to "have tolerance" for being guinea pigs in a bizarre social engineering agenda due to the promise of how wonderful the outcome will be.

If we do not take a stand soon, we will be resigned to isolation in the country we once had. It's that simple. This is our fate unless we act. Organize. Talk to people. Support political movements that support us. Act.