Why Multiculturalism?

because it has the mass support of...

  • Anti-nationalists, "one-world" libertarians, culture-samplers and certain anti-war activists. These people believe turning ethno-states into multicultural states will bring cultures and races together, thus ending hate and bringing peace to the world; however, pluralistic multicultural states will not end hate and conflict between states - especially over resources. Secondly, putting hundreds of different cultures and races under one roof, so to speak, will only create tensions over who calls the shots, what our children should learn and what the community should promote. Third, arguments over wealth would continue to exist and create hate and conflict between people, which brings us to...

  • The Marxist and international socialists. These people believe turning ethno-states into multicultural states will bring the peoples of the earth together - and blend them into one. The Marxist and international socialists do not want nations, races and cultural groups under one roof, they want a world without divisions, leaving only two recognizable groups: those with wealth and those without. Such a world increases the likelihood that the have-nots will identify as one and initiate a revolution against those with social and economic capital, particularly big-business capitalists.

  • Ironically, the big-business capitalists also support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has helped to break down governmental and cultural boundaries, which has enabled businesses to spread their enterprises across the world. As a result, big-business capitalists have found new markets for their products and cheaper labour in China and Bangladesh. Furthermore, the universal consumption-based culture that is replacing the unique ethnic folk-cultures of the world has resulted in huge profits for the big-business capitalists.

  • Multiculturalism has taught the White majority to shelve its preservationist and nationalist instincts, which has enabled Non-Whites to take power and pursue education and career advancement in the White-founded societies to a greater extent than ever before. Some White-founded societies are so fixated on multiculturalism that they support Affirmative Action, a system of reverse discrimination that gives opportunities to Non-Whites because they are not White. Multiculturalism has also changed White attitudes towards interracialism and immigration, which is why Whites are on their way towards becoming the minority in their own, originally Euro-Christian societies; as the percentage of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks in the U.S. (and non-Europeans in Europe) continues to increase, these groups will have more and more power over the White-founded societies. Is it any surprise that Non-White ethnic interest groups are vocal supporters of multiculturalism?
  • For similar reasons, various non-Christian religious groups support multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has paved the way for other religions to influence Euro-Christian societies - even to the point where non-Christian religious groups can take over. Just look at the Islamic Fundamentalist movement and the push to implement Sharia law in the West. Islamic jihadists see the West as a "monster", a source of evil which produces materialism, greed and tolerance of backward ideas. The irony is that the West's tolerant outlook towards non-Christians and de-emphasis of Christianity is what has created this much-hated industry - and has allowed the Fundamentalists to come to the West in the first place...

  • Alternative lifestyle groups, particularly the gay and lesbian community, also approve of multiculturalism. In a multicultural society, anybody who refuses to tolerate these alternative lifestyle groups and their formerly-unaccepted ideas is frowned upon and regarded as a bigot. Furthermore, multiculturalism gives alternative lifestyle groups a platform to influence the mainstream and promote their ideas. As their ideas gain ground, lesbians, gays and bisexuals will encounter less resistance to their ways and have more power to mold the societies they live in.

Who loses with multiculturalism?

  • Whites who do not want to be discriminated against with quota systems. Whites who do not want to be robbed by multi-ethnic wannabe "G's from the hood" without a moral compass. Whites who are fond of their own culture and want their children to grow up proud of their culture, with the will to preserve their identity. Whites who do not want to see their women whored out, either to pay for college or because they are raised to be attracted to wannabe "G's from the hood." Whites who are tired of media blackouts covering up anything non-politically correct that, in result, makes us susceptible to crime. Whites who are tired of speech-restricting laws. Whites who are tired of the glorification of Non-White history and the demonization of Whites in history. Whites who do not want to become the minority in their own cultural homelands in Europe and White-established societies elsewhere. Whites who do not want to be under the control and manipulation of others.

  • Christians who want their secular, Christian-influenced societies to remain responsive to their beliefs. Christians who oppose restrictions and public bans on Christmas-oriented displays. Christians who want to live by the Bible instead of by the statutes implemented by a government and education system that is not Christian. Christians who oppose the marketing of degeneracy to youth. Christians who believe in the sanctity of marriage.