Poland's parliament becomes more multicultural

from "Born and raised in Nigeria, John Abraham Godson is Poland’s first black member of paliament," CNN (found on TalkAfrique)

John Abraham Godson, a Polish citizen born and raised in Nigeria, has been sworn in as the first black member of Poland’s parliament [...].

He came to Poland in the 1990s, opening an English-language school and working as a pastor in a Protestant church.* He has since married a Polish woman and the couple have four children.*

A member of the centre-right Civic Platform party, he was appointed to the seat vacated by party colleague Hanna Zdanowskaafter after she became mayor of Lodz.

It is still quite rare to see black people even in the Polish capital Warsaw, Poland’s most cosmopolitan city, the BBC’s Adam Easton reports.* Racism is still a problem in Poland, where it is not uncommon for well-educated people to make racist jokes, our correspondent says.*

Mr Godson was beaten up twice in the early 1990s but he says attitudes to black people in Poland are changing for the better, particularly since the country joined the EU six years ago.* Speaking earlier to Polish radio, Mr Godson said: “I am from Lodz, I will live here, I want to die here and I want to be buried here.”*(source)

There are thousands of ways to write a news story. However, judging by the way the above article was constructed, I'm pretty sure the BBC wants you to think:

  • Mr. Godson, a Christian, is an ambitious family man who intermarried, forgot his old country and loves Poland. (see *)
  • Foreignization's opponents are brutal clods who attack good people like Mr Godson; accepting more migrants means more "Mr. Godsons" and justice for good people. (see *)

I will be the first to say that, yes, Mr. Godson sounds like a good man. But it will be interesting to see what the media tries to do with him, like talk about him over and over again until the public becomes familiar with him and wants more migrants who could be like him.

But then you wake up one day, and you find yourself paying millions for certain refugees who never assimilated and are living off the social state; then you wake up one day and certain migrants don't want to learn your language; then you wake up one day and none of them are Christian; then you wake up one day and you are told not to say "Merry Christmas" in public because it offends certain migrants; then you wake up one day and your tax money is being used to build mosques; then you wake up one day and the migrants want their own law system - Sharia law; then you wake up one day and you find that your cities, now dominated by migrants, are "no go" for "your kind"; then you wake up one day and the children of these migrants are given jobs and educational opportunities not because they are smarter, but because quotas have been enacted and too many people of power look like you; then you wake up one day and your culture suggests that it is not "cool" to be from your culture.

Slippery slope? Please. Each example comes from a real, Western World situation. Tread carefully, Poland.