Rock stars step out to rant about politics and boycott AZ

from "Rage Against the Machine, Michael Moore Lead Arizona Boycott," David J. Prince, Billboard

Rage Against the Machine lead singer Zack de la Rocha has enlisted dozens of musicians and activists to join "The Sound Strike", an open call by artists to boycott the state of Arizona over its recently passed immigration law. The law passed by the Arizona state legislature, SB1070, requires local authorities to determine a person's immigration status if he or she is suspected of being undocumented.

Groups like Cypress Hill, Juanes, Conor Oberst, Los Tigres del Norte, Rage Against the Machine, Cafe Tacvba, Kanye West, Calle 13 as well as Oscar winning filmmaker and activist Michael Moore have signed on to the campaign, which was announced on today.

"Fans of our music, our stories, our films and our words can be pulled over and harassed every day because they are brown or black, or for the way they speak, or for the music they listen to," de la Rocha wrote in an open letter announcing the campaign. "People who are poor like some of us used to be could be forced to live in a constant state of fear while just doing what they can to find work and survive. This law opens the door for them to be shaked down, or even worse, detained and deported while just trying to travel home from school, from home to work, or when they just roll out with their friends."(more)

Here are a few noteworthy reactions:

Blindgreed1: "I live in Az. Let me school ya. This law requires nothing more than an ID (or a passport) to prove your here legally. If that chaps your a$, then you may want to look into the laws in your own state because i'm pretty sure every state in the union has such a requirement for it's tax paying citizens. So, unless you feel that immigrants have more of a right to be in your state than tax payers it shouldn't ruffle any feathers."

Onceupon: "MA is passing a bill saying welfare must check if you are a citizen before giving you your fat handout. Wow, imagine that, you have to be a citizen to get benefits designed for citizens. 84% of the voters support it, but the house threw it out last year and even though the state senate passed it again this year, the house will probably throw it out. Why people vote for Rep’s that don’t rep them? That I will never understand. Regardless, 84% percent of MA is sick of illegals and we are a northern state, can’t imagine how poor AZ feels. Do what you can, even if it’s just a wallet from a smalltime leathercrafter, go online and buy something from AZ."

opti: "I will take a day of being detained to prove my citizenship if it means controlling illegal immigration. Why are all of you so kind hearted to these people who have crossed our borders you think they care that they are not paying taxes to fix the roads that you and your kids drive on? Or that they dont pay for the medicare and medicaid that they take advantage of but dont pay for? they are stealing from this country and yet you still got that sweet little mary poppins attitude about it.. go to another country if you dont care about illegals breaking the rules!!!!!!"

Informed: "Protesting something that you clearly do not understand is idiocy."