Netherlands: Woman sues after her hijab causes go-kart accident

from "Claim tegen speeltuin om hoofddoekje," De Telegraaf

A woman from the Netherlands is suing the Linnaeushof playground in Bennebroek for 11000 Euro after an accident in which her headscarf got entangled in one of the machines.

In 2007, the woman joined an outing of an Islamic association. While on the go-karts, her headscarf got loose, according to the interim decision by the court in Haarlem. The scarf got wrapped around the rear axle and squeezed her windpipe. She had to be brought to a hospital.

The Muslim woman blames the playground of having insufficient safety measures and supervision, reports Noord-Hollands dagblad.

Source: the Telegraph Netherlands

Hat tip: Islam in Europe, Islamization Watch


  1. She should have thought things out more carefully before getting on the ride. I hope she is not out to break the man but more make it known that now equipment must include safety guidelines for hijabs.

  2. Noor al Haqiqa,

    I understand your feelings on the subject, but the ONLY reason the plaintiff was riding around with inappropriate headwear is because everyone knows they'll get sued for "religious discrimination" and lose everything they ever worked for in life if they dare tell her to take the thing off because it could get tangled in the go-kart.

    The sad truth is the strongest backlash against those who would want to say something comes from Westerners themselves...those who have betrayed their own kind in the name of the "multicultural experiment" and would have defended her in court, those who would have attacked anyone who insisted she take off her headgear for her own safety. But it goes beyond just their intolerance of those who prefer common sense to sensitivity to other cultures. It is also about the Western volk and their indifference to the fate of their culture and heritage, their own people and nations.

    When certain Muslims lobby for special new lunch menus, the modification of bank loan laws, the building of custom break rooms at work for prayer (facing the right direction, with the right decor!), new laws which allow the throwing of shoes in disgust at politicians (but only for Muslims who opt to throw their shoes!), the reconfiguration of safety standards at recreation parks, schools and swimming halls that ignore safety/hygiene and take into consideration Muslim clothing preferences, the building of Islamic structures in the public sphere which tower over everything else, most Western folk bend over backwards to accommodate and are prone to attack anyone who sees this "tolerance of multiculturalism" as Islamification.

    And just what has our naive "tolerance" brought us? Well, for one, the jihadist. He is now hidden somewhere within our society, but who knows where...nobody can see him, for just like every other Muslim, he was flown here (and perhaps even obtained citizenship) without any problems or thorough background investigation, because it would be "discriminatory, bigoted and racist" to assume that people of a certain background need to be carefully screened just to make sure they aren't terrorists. Since then, he has disappeared inside the multicultural atmosphere. Mr. Jihadist is now busying himself convincing other Muslims to organize "in the name of Allah" and dismantle the "unclean", multi-flavored, open to anything (except nativism) liberal system which allowed him to come to the West in the first place. Or, alternatively, Mr. Jihadist is plotting a terrorist attack where he will walk into public with a bomb and kill hundreds of civilians.

    Let me remind you that, in a state that truly recognized the interests of the people, a volkish state, it would be no big deal to close the door on anyone who may and could bring problems. In fact, there would be no obligation to take in anyone from that part of world in the first place. It is not that I have a problem with Muslims. I have nothing against Muslims, and I in fact admire their ability to maintain their traditions and social mores which, in many ways, has spared them from the fate of that the Europeans now face. But I like seeing them in their own communities, where they are free to do their own thing - yes, it goes beyond just an awareness of the terrorism problem; if the West is Islamified like the Middle East is Islamified, simply because the Islamists want it that way...then why do they get two homelands and the Christians, for example, get none?


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