Antideutschen in hit-and-run after trying to set pub on fire

In Berlin late Saturday night, an unknown number of "pro-tolerance" leftists attacked a pub with Molotov Cocktails. The pub, "Zum Henker", is located below residential dwellings and is a popular hangout within the pro-German scene in Berlin.

After the attack, the assailants fled by car and ran over a man who tried to catch up to them. The victim was transported to the hospital and is still in a coma. Two others were injured during the assault and had to be hospitalized early Sunday morning.

Ironically, the Brandenburg-Berlin News Network, RBB, had just issued a call for action against "Zum Hanker", describing the pub as a "provocation against democracy" in a news spot. The spot focused on the efforts of Bianca Klose and several other "pro-tolerance" activists who had been handing out flyers in Berlin to spread fears about the pub and spark hatred towards the pub's guests - the same kind of hatred that was behind Saturday night's attack, which put lives in jeopardy:

Noteworthy YouTube comment (in German):

Hört mal die Berichterstattung: "ein wenig das braune Image abgelegt", "Rechtsextreme im Kiez", "die Rechten", "Provokation aller Demokraten", "sorgt für Unruhe", "rechte Szene", "Zentraler Treffpunkt" und so weiter und so weiter und so weiter...

Auffallend: Zuerst spricht er von "Rechtsextremen", dann von "Rechten" und schliesslich "CDU". Damit ist klar: Alles links der LINKEN ist bekämpfenswert. Deutschland 2009. Bedenklich."

"[...] die Frage ist ob man gegen den RBB nicht Anzeige wegen Volksverhetzung machen sollte. Heute stand in der Zeitung, dass die Antifa ein Brananschlag auf die Kneipe gemacht hat, ein Mensch ist tot und zwei liegen im Krankenhaus. Auch die Bianca Klose sollte angezeigt werden."

Now just imagine what would happen if a nationalist had called for action against a place where leftists or foreigners congregated and, days later, that place had been attacked. And imagine if it was the nationalists who had done the attacking - the press would be in hysterics. Just look at how the media responded after a UK citizen of African ancestry tore apart a pro-nationalist flyer and a fight broke out with the nationalists who were on the scene. For a week, nearly every major news source in Germany had something to say about the poor UK "victim".

By comparison, RBB, the network responsible for the agitation against "Zum Hanker", has yet to say a single word about Saturday night's arson attack or the hit-and-run. In fact, Germany's entire media circuit seems to have turned a blind eye to the incident.

On Sunday evening, there was a demonstration for the victims of the leftist attack and 300 people showed up to demonstrate their support. Again, the press turned a blind eye. Only one news source covered the demonstration. But this news agency, The Südkurier, was interested in the demonstration because of the protest against it. "500 Protest against the Right," The Südkurier reported. Needless to say, the article failed to mention the attack on "Zum Hanker" that had sparked the day's demonstrations (and counterdemonstrations). No surprise there...why would the media want to shatter the illusion that pro-German supporters are hooligans, and the leftists multiculturalists are intelligent, well-behaved normal people? After all, this is the stereotype that the press is itself responsible for and tries to forward.

Incidentally, the attack on "Zum Hanker" came just days after left-wing extremists started a fire in a clothing store in the commercial district of Berlin. Apparently, the store sold apparel by Thor Steinar, a label that is popular within the pro-German scene because it features Nordic and Germanic motifs. The Spiegel article above claims that the public had been "warned" about Thor Steinar - because evidently it is okay to harass those who sell clothes to people the leftist totalitarians don't like. The article also mentions "peaceful protests" against the store - in which glass windows were shattered, paintball vandalism took place and threats were made. Peaceful and orderly, indeed. More whitewashing, more illusions in the press, more lies from the left.