Mohammed is the #1 baby boy’s name in London and third most popular in the UK

from "Mohammed now No.1 baby boys' name in London," Ben Leapman, the Telegraph today reports that Mohammed has become the most common name for baby boys born in London and in three other English regions.

In the capital, the Islamic name—-including its variant spellings—-was twice as popular as the second-placed name, Daniel, in 2008.

For those who follow these things, this won’t come as a huge surprise. We know that the UK’s Muslim population is growing, both through immigration and through its higher birthrate. We know that there are particular concentrations in London, the West Midlands and the North of England. We know that Muslim families tend to choose one particular name for their baby boys—–Mohammed—–a way that other communities do not.

And last week it was reported the the name was now the third most popular in England as a whole.(more)