Iowa celebrates "Cinco de Mayo" with racist $1,000 scholarship

from "Four local students are first Siouxland Unidad Latina scholarship winners," Barbara Walker, Sioux City Journaly

Four Latino students will be presented with $1,000 college scholarships during a ceremony this evening at Tyson Fresh Meats headquarters in Dakota Dunes.

The students are the first to receive scholarships from Siouxland Unidad Latina, the nonprofit corporation that organizes Sioux City's annual Cinco de Mayo celebration and other efforts that support Latino culture and heritage.

The scholarship recipients are Juana Medina, a West High School student who will attend Western Iowa Tech Community College; Ailed Hernandez, a North High School student who also will attend WIT; Bianca Sofia Mendez, a Bishop Heelan High School student who will attend Briar Cliff University; and Teresa Barajas, who attends the University of Phoenix.

The four were among more than 25 applicants for the scholarships, according to a release from the organization.(more)

Yet another race-specific academic scholarship; this time, for students who can't do any better than community college even though every university is desperate for Latinos just to fill a quota.

There is way too much of this race tribalism in America.  It just makes me want to be productive somewhere else and entrench in my own heritage.


K.S, Detroit said…
that is just crazy and blatant racism.

So if I were born in Mexico and a citizen there by birth, I would still be celebrating a foreign holiday if I happened to be white?

Fine. But look at the double standard here! Can you fathom a whites-only Thanksgiving scholarship contest?
Of course not.

Good point.

And of course I agree.

A lack of consistency paves the way for hypocrisy.
Lenn the Ambler said…
It's like those companies that declare themselves to be "non-discriminatory" in hiring policy. And then, a few sentences later--straight-faced--they state their "commitment to affirmative action". Logic out the door. I think Mr Orwell likely coined a term for that.

Whites are actively and passively discriminated against at almost all levels of U.S. society today, and there are no real mainstream dissenting [white] voices. Did we lose a war? One would think this sort of thing only happens to a defeated people.